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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh lordy, when things go awry

Today I had a 'important' conference call. Isn't it interesting that what other folks deem 'important' is often, to you, really not all that important? The point being that I had already gone through this particular document that we were discussing, had edited it, had a meeting about it, and had agreement on some of the changes. But when we had the conference call today, the call that was supposed to be a half hour in length, but actually ended up being an hour and forty-five minutes long, the changes we had agreed to were not in the document. Grrrrr. What's worse? I have no headset, and so I had the phone tucked between my chin and shoulder for the entire time.

Now, my shoulder, she is on fire. FIRE, people. Fire.

Because the call went on so much longer than I had expected, the rest of my day fell way behind. I had to cancel a doctor's appointment, I didn't have anything ready to make for dinner, I hadn't tracked down the Girl who was very late coming home, and I had paid no attention to the Boy, who was home sick with a terrible migraine. Plus I had promised him we could go to the Apple store and return his IPOD which has already broken. Those things are such lemons. We now have 2 broken Ipods at home. And I still have NOTHING to wear to shul this weekend and had hoped to make a trip to Marshalls because the Boy has outgrown every dress shirt he owns...again.

Then, as I was making dinner I see that the Boy commendeered my blog and decided to post. I knew I should never had shown him how.

So now I have to play catch-up, but we have a conference call every day, and I need to be able to keep them to a reasonable amount of time. It's painful otherwise.
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