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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

OK, back to trivial matters

You know what really stinks? And I mean that literally. When you put on what you're sure are clean clothes, and you go about your daily business out and about, and then you notice that, um.... you kinda smell funny. Like your clothes sat in the washer a bit too long before they hit the dryer. So you smell halfway like a dirty dog and halfway like a dirty little boy. It's not pleasant.

The Boy is already having homework issues. It's the third fricking day of school and we've had two major tantrums and one assignment completely undone. This is so frustrating. I cannot impress upon him how important homework is, and how lucky he is to have the opportunity for a free and appropriate education. He doesn't care. He just does not want to do homework. His meds have worn off and I can't get him to sit still, never mind concentrate. We see the Pdoc this afternoon.

We have a new home health aid. Her name is Pentecoster and she's from Cameroon. She made me lunch today. Oh. My. God. This woman can cook! Then I find out that she's taken a culinary course and wants to open up a restaurant once she's brought her husband and children to the US. She's been here for 3 years without them. Three years separated from a 7 year old son. My heart was broken as she showed me photos of her husband and youngest son.

We've all had some weird stomach bug that seems to get passed along from one to the other for days now. You can now call our family the Farty McFartsons. We are not pleasant people right now.

Today I'm fighting with Mass Health again. I actually believe that they only hire employees that are on the bottom half of the bell curve. These are not bright people. No matter how many times I explain the situation, they don't get it. It is getting really depressing.

I'm going to try and win one of those Martha Stewart homes. Not that I want to live in Cary (BTDT) or Atlanta, but those are some nice houses.

Stoked to watch the finale of Supernova. It's nice to let go of the heavy and get back to some rock n roll, isn't it?
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Blogger The Scribe said...

I just found your blog, and wow, what a great photo of Boston you have on your site! I live in Boston, too. Come visit me!
The Boomer Chronicles

12/9/06 12:54 PM  
Blogger Patrick Sullivan Jr. said...

Toby Rand will win tonight! :)

And good luck with your son. Not that it's my place, but how much sugar and white flour is in his diet? Seems that plays a big role in concentration.

12/9/06 6:38 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

I hate fighting with insurance companies, and sometimes it feels like that's all I do every day. It's exhausting, isn't it? How cool that your new aid has such great culinary skills - what a blessing! Hope things look up for you soon.

13/9/06 3:17 AM  

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