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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our own Titanic Disaster

Things have a tendency to break all sorts of crazy around here, but tonight, ah shit, tonight we hit disaster mode. Fully speed ahead. Man overboard. Bad karma, serious heebee jee bee disaster. What could be worse than leaking roofs, hands stuck in disposal, bathroom floor flooding?

Our TV has broken. Oh yes, the disaster, she is huge. She is mean and ugly and she has made everyone on television seem like they are wearing hot pink and lavender. This is not good. Not good at all. For you see, I am a television addict, and so are my children.

Tonight we started looking for a replacement TV. The specs, they were clear. The television has to be at least as big as our current TV, and hopefully a tad bit bigger. 27" is the bottom line. It must not have lavender shirts and hot pink captions. We want full color because we are picky picky picky. It must have parental controls so I can enforce school TV watching rules. It must have a universal remote. It must have enough doodads in the back to hook up the dvd player, the VCR, and the Xbox. It must have a sleep timer (don't ask).

Because in a few years most standard TVs will be phased out, I want HDTV if I can find one that is affordable and decent. I don't want plasma, I don't care about flat panel (it's way out of our price range anyhow, unless we get a 3" screen) and although I love flat screen, I can live with a curved screen.

Through copious amounts of skillage, I found the TV I want. It meets all of my requirements and it's affordable. Sort of. Well, affordable if you can afford a TV, which I can't, but you know, food is vastly overrated. So is heat.

There is a problem though. My TV only seems to be available online. I cannot find it in any of the big box stores. I cannot find it in any of the little mom and pop stores. Amazon and Office Depot both carry it. They also charge huge amounts for shipping, making my sorta-kinda affordable TV completely unaffordable. This is highly irritating. It is a Samsung. Where do you buy those in real, not online life?

Tomorrow I will try to figure out how to avoid paying for shipping. And I will cry and maybe plan a funeral for our precious TV. Sob. We will miss her so.
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Blogger Dave2 said...

The problem is that when you DO find it in real-life, it will be far more expensive AND you will have to pay tax... that's why I just went ahead and payed the shipping for my new television. :-(

2/9/06 7:49 AM  
Blogger NotSoccer Mom said...

try overstock.com--they charge $2.95 for shipping anything! good luck.

5/9/06 1:08 PM  

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