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Monday, September 18, 2006

Painful Primary leadin

Today is the Massachusetts Primary. We have a governors race, a Lt. governors race, and some smaller state offices. No senators or congressmen this time around. There are three major candidates for governor: Deval Patrick, Chris Gabrielli, and Tom Reilly. I am a rabid supporter of Deval Patrick. He's the best of the three, by far, and for once, I'm not voting for the lesser of two evils. I really like the guy and I believe that he gets the decimation that the Republicans have done to this commonwealth in the past 10 or so years. I also believe that he will be a governor that is present and accounted for day after day, unlike our current governor Mittens, who spends most of his time either cutting some social service or running for President out of state.

As in most places, the weeks leading up to the primary are filled with commercials. We only had one real unpleasant bout of negative ads, and guess who started it? Why Kerry (the beyotch Lt Governor) Healy, who started attacking Chris Gabrielli because he stands up for stem cell research. Her accusation? That he only put a positive spin on stem cell research because he owns large blocks of stock in a biotech company that could profit from the passage of a stem cell bill. Ulterior motives on Gabrielli? I don't really care. I need the research for my diabetes. Healy got shot back by Gabrielli who accused her of being anti-elderly (amongst one of many groups she has worked hard to disenfranchise and defund) and quoted her saying that the elderly were 'overhoused'. Oh yeah, they should be sleeping under the overpasses like the homeless? She's a head case.

My kids just can't take any more commercials. Gabrielli's two mottos are: Solving Problems. Getting Results. We don't know what the problems are, and we sure don't know if his solutions are good or bad results, but I guess that doesn't much matter. He so does not have my vote.

The third of the demo triumverate is Tom Reilly, the statehouse insider, former Lt Governor, former District Attorney, and all around greasy Irish pol. His ads like to point out that he has lived in the same house in Watertown for 26 years. Big frigging deal. Does that make him fit to lead? He also put out a negative ad saying he was the only one of the three candidates to submit his income tax return to public scrutiny. Silly me, I don't much care how much a candidate made and what his deductions were. I care about what they're going to do for the state. He's ranking last in the polls, and for good reason. He's a jerk.

I'm excited to vote for a candidate that is leading the polls, that I actually like and believe in, and he actually has a great chance of winning. Plus, if he ends up running against Kerry (the beyotch) Healy, he's going to be our next governor. Which would be so excellent!

So, if you live in MA... go and vote. Don't forget. That's DEVAL PATRICK.
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