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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shame on Harvard

Did you know that President Bush allowed a known terrorist, the former president of Iran Mohammed Khatami to enter the US this week? Did you know that Khatami spoke not only at the UN, but was invited to speak at Harvard today? Did you know that I will never, ever give Harvard one more penny in donations as an alumni? All of those statements are accurate.

Yes, today the city of Cambridge hosted a famous terrorist to speak to students "lucky" enough to win a lottery for tickets. Oh boy, what fortune. And while Harvard prepared for this event, the Governor of MA, Mitt Romney, who I hate with a passion, did the only thing I've ever agreed with him about. He refused to provide any state police protection for Khatami. His reasoning? Why should the taxpayers of MA pay to protect a terrorist? I agree, why should they?

Also, the Jewish community and Harvard community were gathering support for a protest today, that started around 3 pm. The Girl and I attended the protest despite the fact that I was feeling so poorly that I could barely stand up. But this event was really important to me, and we stayed through the whole event and I'm proud to say that we went, we had our voices heard (loudly) and we did so peacefully, unlike those folks in San Francisco last month.

When the motorcade drove by, the people all yelled Shame on Harvard and loudly booed Khatami. I think he probably got the message as they got stuck in traffic right in front of a huge bank of signs and protestors. Oh damn, and he can't kill them. Shucks, I bet his day was ruined.

There were several hundred people in a small space outside the Kennedy School, right outside the Charles Hotel. People were asked to bring signs, and some of them were really creative.

The signs were not supposed to be on sticks so nobody could get hurt. It was an interesting bunch, quite a few elderly and boomer families, a lot of Persians, plenty of Kippot on the men, and lots of kids. It's great to see the kids. I'm such a firm believer in teaching kids about democracy and standing up for their rights. My kids have been protesting almost since birth.

There were some people who were there because they have relatives fighting in the Middle East and wanted to make sure that it was known that although they support the troops, they are disgusted with this stupid war. There was also this guy below, who was the only supporter of Khamani and was being decimated by an Israeli guy in the crowd. Oh, and there was one lone, sad supporter of "Palestine" who was escorted out by the Tactical Police. Poor thing, didn't figure out how to guage her audience very well. She was loudly booed.

People handed out small American flags, a suggested reading list for the contemporary American, and talking points about "Tough Questions about Iran" and some of Mohammed Khatami's key quotes. My favorite, as always, is, "historically as well as morally Israel is not a legitimate state." Says Who? Not the UN, in probably the ONLY positive thing they've ever said about Israel.

Here's another one: "It is now clear that the joint position of Iran and Syrai against the Zionist regime was the correct one. The Zionest regime defies any logic." Now really, is there ANY logic at all to Iran's government?

Lastly: "If we abide by real legal laws, we should mobilize the whole Islamic World for a sharp confrontation with the Zionist regime...if we abide by the Koran, all of us should mobilize to kill."

Mr. Bush, WHY would you let someone like this into the country? Someone who has killed hundreds of his own countrymen, students, women, and children? A man who likens Hezbollah to "a shining sun that illuminates and warms the hearts of all Muslims and supporters of freedom in the world." Well... really? I support freedom and I sure don't support Hezbollah. And neither do you, Shrub. So please, make it clearer. Why was this man allowed inside our borders? He is nothing but a terrorist, and supposidly we don't allow them to enter the US anymore.
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