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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Buh Bye NY. Glad to see you go.

I can't wait for the World Series. Usually I'm not interested if at least one of my favorite teams isn't playing, and truthfully I'm neither a Detroit or a St. Louis fan per se, but I'm very happy that this world series has completely shut out any NY team.

Yes, I hate the Yankees with every fibre of my being, but I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan and we are genetically programmed to hate the Yankees. But I actually don't hate the Mets. I don't like them. I don't really like any National League team. I'm an American league girl through and through. But I have nothing against the Mets except Primadonna Pedro, and he's their problem now. Heh heh. But I can't stand smug New Yorkers that switch allegience to any winning team, just to support NY. Most Yankee fans despise the Mets. But because they're from NY they'll reluctantly support them if they make the playoffs. And according to my completely twisted way of thinking, any cheers for the Mets is actually a cheer for the Yankess. So I was totally into the Cardinals winning the National League playoffs. Then they did, and I'm happy.

I'm still rooting for Detroit. I like the Tigers and I'm happy that they made the World Series. In fact, I'm thrilled that the World Series is going to be a mid-western World Series. It's about time that the middle of the country had something to cheer about. Plus, the food is gonna be good at the games!

Hopefully, my beloved Red Sox will be recovering from a plethora of injuries and rebuilding the team for next year. And A-Rod? Hopefully he'll be right where he belongs. In the minor leagues with the most inflated salary in baseball.

Go Detroit!
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