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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kerry Healey, you've gone too far!

I've made no secret that I would rather support a fence post for Governor of Massachusetts than Kerry Healey. She is, in my opinion, a complete scumbag. She has spent millions of dollars castigating anyone that has the gall to run against her. She does nothing but release negative ads. She doesn't show up for personal appearances, she barely contributes to debates, and she allows her media team to come up with the lamest, most ridiculous advertisements I've ever seen.

Evidentally nobody on the Healey campaign has ever heard of parallel construction. Her commercials run like this: Kerry Healey has a PhD from Harvard University. Her opponent eats dirt. Kerry Healey has been Lt Governor for 8 years. Her opponent likes marshmallow on his hot fudge sundae. Um... when stating facts, it's common in a well written statement called contrast and compare to use parallel construction. If you state Kerry's academic accomplishments, then you should compare with your opponent's accomplishments, not some non-sequitor that makes little sense. This is just one tiny thing that annoys the hell out of me about her terrible commercials. They really suck. And I don't just mean the content. They make no sense. Apples to papayas. Oranges to garage door openers. That's the Healey way.

But today, she released a commercial that just went way too far. She has accused Deval Patrick of being a cop killer. A COP KILLER. Is she fucking INSANE? The commercial is about something that happend 21 years ago, in another state called Florida, where Deval Patrick, acting as a DEFENSE ATTORNEY, got his client's sentence reduced from the death penalty to life in prison. The client killed a police officer. Using Kerry's lack of parallel construction, she decided that if Patrick, who was doing the job he was hired to do as a defense attorney, must be a cop killer himself.

I guess Healey thinks the people of Massachusetts are too damn stupid to figure out the difference between acting as a defense attorney as actually pulling the trigger on a gun. I'm not sure why she thinks we're all so stupid. Maybe she missed Boston Magazine's cover story about Boston being the smaahtest city in the US. Or maybe she has such a crappy vision of who we are after working with her boss, the Mitten, for so long. After all, he has nothing but disdain for the Commonwealth's citizens.

I don't like negative advertising, and I commend the candidates that don't use it. I refuse to support anyone who spends millions on lies, distortions, and attacks. To me, this reeks of Republican policy at it's worst. It seems like Healey hired Karl Rove or one of his minions in order to run this campaign. While that might have worked 8 years ago, my faith in the citizens of the Commonwealth shows in the polls. Healey is way behind Patrick, as well she should be.

How anyone could vote for a person who has such a low opinion of anyone other than herself really boggles the mind. She should be ashamed of herself, but she isn't. I can say one thing, I'm ashamed that a woman could turn into such a disgusting representative of her gender.
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Blogger BSumner said...

I agree.. she is a nasty nasty witch!!!

4/10/06 9:04 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

I can't stand her...such a wench. There was a story on the UPN news last night (I don't normally watch but happened to be flipping through) and this whole ad campaign has some kind of connection to our mayor here in Leominster, Dean Mazarella. It appears he was a cop years ago in Leominster and some awful crime (ie: rape, torture) was committed against an elderly lady. Mazzarella was one of the arresting officers blah blah blah... At any rate I guess Deval had been one of many people at the time that thought the man they arrested had been innocent and had written some kind of letter to try to have him freed. The man they had arrested was black. So there was this whole racial dynamic going on as well. Anyway for some reason I guess they are trying to spin this story in with Healey's ad campaign about Deval being "soft on crime". Whatever wench.

I love the commercial that claims her to be a reknowned "criminologist" or something other... HA!

She is just grasping at straws because she pretty much knows she has no chance. She is such a snot. I really can't stand her.

5/10/06 6:29 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Her comments about Benjamin LaGuer are very Willie Horton-esque, as well. The DA refused to re-open the case to see if the DNA would exonerate, plain and simple. I really don't like Deval, but I agree with his actions in that case as well.

5/10/06 12:29 PM  

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