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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LOST Discussion Thursday

Well, I didn't think this was the best season opener I've ever seen. It wasn't the worst either, but the first scene was indeed the best of the whole show. I have to admit, when they showed the book club and then the magnetic earthquake and the plane splitting up and falling from the sky, I was entranced. That was QUITE the opener. But the show went downhill from there. Plus, there was an inordinant amount of stupid commercials. Since I've been watching Season 2 on DVD, those commercials were really jarring and annoying.

Yeah, we didn't learn anything new in this episode. Seemed more of a vehicle to introduce new characters. IMHO, its because it was about the three most boring characters: Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Toss in a Jack flashback, and its snoozeville. I try and try to like Jack, but truth is, I don't. I think Jack is going to be a villain. He has all the characteristics of a villain. He's stubborn, he's aggressive, he obsesses over small detail and last but not least, he believes that everything he does is right. By the end of this season, I think Jack will be the main villain, because we got a taste of how crazy he can be in the flashbacks. Frankly, I was hoping that with Jack, Sawyer, and Kate captured, we wouldn't see them for a while.

Give me some Locke, Eko, and Sayid flashbacks and stories. These are the most troubled, most interesting people on the island.

Back to the opening scene, I so didn't see that coming!! Who would have thought the Others looked so damned normal? There plenty of clues that alluded to this in season 2, though. One example is the fake beard, theatrical glue and costumes in the abandoned medical facility where Clare was kidnapped. The other is the whole "fake camp" where they held Michael, which included 2 guraded doors that lead to...solid rock. Walt also said something to the effect of "They're pretending....it's fake!"

More surprising was that, well, the Others seem to be living in the equivalent of a normal suburban neighborhood. I think we're supposed to think that the Dharma Initiative is alive and well and the Others are actively part of it, although perhaps they don't know everything.

Although, well, Danielle (aka "The French Chick") has been running around on this island for seventeen years and didn't know about this village? Or that most of the time the Others look like American suburbanites? I have to wonder if she's somehow part of the whole conspiracy, perhaps not knowingly.

It would appear that the Others have a standard procedure for dealing with castaways on the island. It's also clear that they have some kind of contact with the outside world; how else would they know about Jack and his father? Having all those records about Jack was creepy. Do they have an internet connection? How did they research everything on his marriage, etc.? Creepy.

But we don't quite know what they're doing with Jack and Sawyer and Kate yet, beyond playing mind games. On the contrary, I took the clues tonight to mean that the Others had somehow supplanted the Dharma Initiative, which failed at some point, and which tallies with the more-or-less abandoned (or undermanned) nature of every Dharma facility we have seen, with the polar bear running free, etc.

Some questions and comments:

I thought it was funny how they set Sawyer up with the Monkey test to see if he could feed himself. I kept thinking about the Simpson's episode where Lisa conducted a psych experiment on Bart to see if he was smarter than a lab rat :)

I also liked when Sawyer shared his fish bisquit with Kate. It looked yummy. Nothing like polar bear kibble and a nice bonz to keep a guy looking fit!

Who will Kate fall for? If it's based on proximity, she'll be right by Sawyer in the bear cages, so she might be able to share all her innermost thoughts with him. Being away from Jack might make her heart grow fonder as she longs for him. I have no freaking clue which way she'll go, but I wish she'd just make a damn decision. (I vote for Sawyer because he's SOOOO hot!)

Why would the others put on rags when they had nice clothes on the island? Maybe there are two groups, and Henry (Ben) could be a doubleagent. Maybe he is working for both sides. One could be the hostlesand the other the good guys. Or maybe they are clones, or maybe they all just have a twin. I just can't think of any reason why they would dress in rags and go barefot just to give someone the peception that they are simple. The only Others that I recognized was Ben and Zeke (Mr. Friendly). Maybe they are both working for both sides. It could be that as Kate, Jack, and Sawyer are turned over to the good guys, would need to make sure that our Losties don't see that they are working for both sides.

Things we have surmised by this episode:

  • All you 'no one could have survived the airliner's plus-or-minus 30,000ft. break up' folks can now give it a rest. The airliner broke up at what seemed to be less than a thousand feet - for whatever reason. Plus it was clear how the two trajectories of the front and rear fuselage divided.
  • The Others are definitely in CURRENT and ONGOING contact with the outside world - not just receiving blindly automatic supply drops...or else there is no way they could have had that updated dossier on Jack. Unless you guys think they could have found out ALL those things from simple secret observation of the losties over time. Which makes little sense to me.
  • The polar bears evidentally were released from the zoo, and the dolphin hatch is the underwater aquarium. That explains a couple more sites on the big map Locke found.


  • Jack is in a room with a patient. He is looking down the hall and sees his father talking and laughing on the cell phone. Take a look at the patient in the bed. They only showed it but a second, but at a glance, it kind of looked like Zeke. Oh, and I loved when Zeke came out of the closet on tonight's episode. Yet another surprise.
  • I can't wait to see what happens next week, when it appears we go back to the beach camp and meet up with Hurley, Sun and Jin, Locke, and the rest of the cast of survivors.


Use this wonderful glossary to help you out with LOST:



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Blogger Moxie said...

You forced my hand, so I actually put up some thoughts on the episode. Also, I don't think Zeke came out, because he could be into men, or he could just be into women who don't look like freaky gazelles.

5/10/06 7:28 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

At the beginning, I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool if this entire season is strictly from the Others point of view?" It would be interesting to see Jack through the eyes of the Others.

I was thinking the same thing about Crazy McFrenchie. Maybe Danielle is actually part of The Others-- or seriously seriously crazy. Like, not-to-be-trusted-at-all crazy. She's kinda like the anti-Juliette.... because she seems so sane and you want to believe anything that she says. And where have I seen her before? Is she a famous actress? She is so familiar to me...

I totally vote for Sawyer (if Sayid isn't in the running)-- though Kate isn't good enough for him. Wouldn't it be funny if Sawyer becomes the show's hero, instead of Jack?

I kinda liked the show better back when we had no clue where the polar bear came from (the Bermuda Triangle?) or why the shark had a Dharma logo on it's fin.

I missed the Zeke closet thing... what was that? I didn't catch any 6 Degrees Of Separation Moments in the flashbacks...

5/10/06 8:02 AM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

My best guess on their 'disguises' is that they *did* want anyone who comes into contact with them to think that they're hicks or castaways - recall that on the pier at the end of last season, when they had captured Jack and the others, they were all disguised, including Henry Gale/Ben. Why? Dunno.

And access to the outside world? They had that boat, remember, that they sent Michael off on, with co-ordinates for rescue? Unless that was a scam...

I was bored with the Jack story (tho am intrigued by your suggestion that he might become a villian), but I thought that it was interesting otherwise.

5/10/06 8:34 AM  
Blogger lainey said...

Great recap! I have nothing to add except to say that I thought the exact same thing about the patient in the bed looking like Zeke. I was so sure that it was my imagination that I didn't even mention it to my husband....glad I'm not crazy!

5/10/06 8:58 AM  
Blogger Jana said...

I, too, was blown away by the opening, and then less than impressed by the rest. I live-blogged along with the show last night, but didn't have much to speculate about. It seemed like the whole episode was just setting up story lines for this season as opposed to really revealing anything new. I did find it harder and harder to believe Ben's statement from last season, "We're the good guys." I'm sorry, but they are not! I think it will take three or four more episodes to really get interesting.

5/10/06 8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I used to lurk at Ellen's and read your comments, so I thought I'd stop by. She did the cover illustration for my book. I miss her.

I had to laugh at myself when the show started, I thought I was on the wrong channel when they started out with a book club discussion - LOL

The Jack flashback didn't seem to give us anything new...he's stubborn and obsessive...well like, duh LOL

I read a few of the comments at the TV Without Pity board, and there were a lot of questions about the patient being Zeke, but no one seemed to be able to say for sure. Also lots of people thought the book under discussion was Carrie, but again, the cover is hard to identify. Stephen King is supposed to be a huge fan of the show, so I guess it was a shoutout to him. The discussion seemed like it could be about Lost itself, with questions about religion and free will - LOL!

Anyway, hope you don't mind me joining your discussion. Hope you have a terrific day!

6/10/06 7:48 AM  
Blogger Doug McCaughan said...

Btw, the book club was reading Carrie. I've posted the book covers that were shown. The scratchy speaker in Jack's cage was his father's voice saying "Let it go Jack."

6/10/06 10:39 AM  
Blogger shay v. said...

Margalit - as per usual, we can always count on you to be there for us Lost-atics...
I actually liked the episode but then again, I really am intriged by Jack. I totally caught the "sorry, kate, you're not my type" coming out statement from Zeke! Loved it!
WANT MORE!!! No, it didn't provide a ton of new info but it also is on-lead to bringing us so much more!
Thanks Margalit, for your always helpful insights!!!

6/10/06 12:26 PM  

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