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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost Discussion Thursday

Sorry this was a bit late. Computer problems were difficult to overcome, but we're now up and running again.

Now, on with the show....

The focus Wednesday was mainly on the epic love story, past and present-day,between Korean married parents-to-be, Sun and Jin. In flashbacks, it was revealed that Sun had an affair with Jae, who was giving her secret English lessons as she planned her escape to America.

Sun's father busted the lovers in bed, but didn't tell Jin. Instead, the a ruthless and powerful businessman ordered Jin to kill Jae and "restore our family's honor." Jin spared Jae's life and told him to leave the country - and then Jae landed with a thud atop Jin's car, apparently committing suicide by jumping from a balcony.

Back in "Lost" land, Sun betrayed Jin again - this time, with Sayid. The trio had been waiting aboard a sailboat for Jack's return, but Jin got a hunch that he was "not coming." Sun sided with Sayid to dock the boat and set another fire to alert Jack of their whereabouts.

Sayid, of course, had a hunch of his own - that his comrades had been captured - and was using the smoke signal to trap the Others. "I'll take two of them hostage, and I'll kill the rest," he said, telling Sun to keep quiet about his plan.

Jin caught on, though, and demanded that Sun remain on the boat. That was not a safe place, after all: A team of Others, ordered by leader Ben to seize the boat, hopped aboard. Sun shot one of them - a steely woman named Colleen - and fled, joining Jin and Sayid on the beach.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer worked at a labor camp overseen by Others who threatened to shock them with taser-like weapons if they misbehaved.

Sawyer, overcome by how hot Kate looked "swinging that pick-ax," embraced her in a passionate kiss. The Others pounded (such buzzkills, really) Sawyer but Sawyer got his hands on a gun, but dropped it when Kate's life was threatened.

Back in their separate cages, Sawyer told Kate he planned to circumvent their captors when "they let their guard down." The all-knowing Ben was observing the whole thing elsewhere on a wall of ancient TV screens.

Ben also attempted to reach out to Jack, who was still imprisoned in a gloomy cell. "Hi, my name is Benjamin Lyons and I've lived on this island all my life," Ben said, extending a hand. Jack didn't budge.

"If you cooperate, we'll send you home," said Ben, cryptically. Jack, surly and half-delirious, accused him of lying: "You're stuck here, just like us." Ben said "we have contact with the outside world," and that the exact date was Nov. 29, 2004 - 69 days after Oceanic Flight 815 crash-landed.

To prove that they had outside contact, Ben gave three clues:
  • Your fellow Americans re-elected George W. Bush
  • Christopher Reeve has passed away.
  • The Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

Jack laughed at the Sox news, but his eyes flashed with sadness and wonder when Ben showed him a tape of the winning game. "I will take you there," Ben said, adding that If Jack does what he's told, "I will take you home."

But will Jack be forced to sell out his friends to get there?

Comments on this episode:

We learned that Sun isn't as innocent as we thought she was. She lied and got the maid fired when she was young, then she cheated on her husband. And then she tried to deceive Jin about Sayid's plan to ambush the Others. The scene established that Sun learned to lie very early in lifeeven if it had a very detrimental impact on others. It showed her capacity to lie without regard for consequences. Jae was the second glass ballerina, shattered because she deceived her husband.

I was pissed when Colleen held the gun to Kate's head and when Sawyer had the gun, she did absolutely nothing. Not even an attempt to try and get the guy. Kate! Did they give Kate a dose of stupidity with that new dress. I mean, c'mon, is she too dumb to see that Sawyer is trying to help them escape?!! The least she could have done was to punch one of the Others before she got grabbed by Juliet.

Kate's past resourceful behavior in the face of long odds and hardship seems inconsistent with her current helpless behavior. I don't know if the writers have done this by design, or if they simply don't know what to do with her character at this point. The most telling line from her last night to Sawyer was, "So what do we do now?" Maybe the writers are asking the same thing. I don't understand where they are headed with her, but we're supposed to get a Kate story before the long break, so maybe this will be resolved.

I think Sun held her own too against her Other. Like my Mama always said: Don't make threats you ain't prepared to back up. She shot Colleen like she said she would. It was Sawyer who threw his gun away. I would have tested the waters and see if they would have shot Kate. One way to find out if the "good" people back up their threats. Besides they probably would have just wounded Kate and not killed her.

Others do indeed have contact with the outside world. As we learned in episode 3.2, this is true. What we don't yet know is the mechanism for contact and if it's initiated by the Others, or even if it's 2-way communication.

I'm very glad that at last we have some concrete info regarding the source of knowledge that the Others possess. There are still more unanswered questions now that this source has been revealed.

I think that the revelation of contact with the OW (outside world) indicates at the very least that our Losties are not dead or in Limbo or some sort of purgatory. They exist in the real world, in late 2004. Time is not shifting or in flux - which is confirmed by Ben's comment that they've been on the island 69 days or so.

Also indicated by this is that we have to seriously consider the possibility that the island is a prison for the Others. Why? Perhaps the Others have some innate (mutant) abilities that are dangerous to people in the OW. Perhaps they're being held there against their wills and the Others are trying to use the Losties as some sort of means of escape.


IF The Others ARE the good guys as they claim,why not just explain things straight out to the Losties instead of all this drama and intrigue? Beyond the fact that there would be no, or at least a different, story of course.

So was Sawyer trying to be cute, or does Kate's mouth really taste of strawberries? And if so, why? Is she getting fed her own special breakfast/lunch every day? Is she playing damsel in distress to help the Others test Sawyer's limits? Something ain't right about her.. as usual!

What do you guys make of Alex's little cameo? She looked quite dressed up. Was she just visiting the Hydra from Udderville or is she on the loose looking for Carl? She seemed to imply that Kate is her replacement, "my dress/you're not even supposed to be in that cage..."

OK, so anyone think the others are going to turn out to be some kind of 'What if "Lord of the Flies" had continued into adulthood' kind of thing?

The others were all children when something happened that wiped out the adults in the camp and they were forced to survive on their own and invent their own rules and such. That would at least explain the very simplistic "we're the good guys" mentality they seem to have. As well as their fascination with children in general.

Maybe the adults all got the "Disease" that made them violent and they killed each other?

If the Others have been on the island for several years why did they never intervene and help enter the numbers into the computer? If pushing the numbers really continued saved the world, why leave that in the hands of one or two people (pre-plane crash), and hope that they would continue to do the job? It is just that entering the numbers was a psychological experiment of project Dharma, one that was monitiored from one of the other buildings (sub-stations) on the island. We definately saw that there were consequences to NOT inputting the numbers, right? Actually, we don't know that for sure yet. Given that Eko, Locke and Desmond apparently survived, the consequences couldn't have been too catastrophic. It has been strongly implied that not entering the numbers caused some sort of magnetic interference that brought down the plane, but how often do you think planes are in the general vicinity for that to happen?

Ben said he grew up on the island - what does this mean to the story arc? It may mean that island habitation has been continuous since at least the DeGroots. My guess is that there was an "incident" leading to a breakdown of civilization and a subsequent quarantine (hence, the other Others). I think Ben may have been instrumental in rebuilding civilization, thus he feels very protective of his baby, which may explain how a seemingly reasonable man can act so goofy.


For those who did not play "The Lost Experience" over the summer, somebody uploaded the complete assembled Sri Lanka Video to YouTube at


It explains a great deal, including the meaning of the "DHARMA" acronym, Alvar Hanso's goals for the DHARMA project, and the meaning of the Hurley numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42; and hints at much more. Chances are none of this will really tie into the show, it was just done to keep us busy. For one, the producers have said that the numbers were just a gimmick and have no real importance to the plot. Also, the whole battle against Mittlewerk and search for Hanso happened in real time, so 2006, while as we saw last night the television show is still in 2004. At this rate, the timeline on the television show would take many seasons to make it to the date of The Lost Experience.

If you google Benjamin Linus you get


Sawyer lines of the week:

I really liked when he poured the water out of the canteen. it showed
that he is not falling for that woman's tricks to get him to trust her

"How dare you!"

After Kate asks if she has to work in the dress. The Other says that
she can take it off if she wants. Sawyer grins and checks her out. Kate gives Sawyer a dirty look. Sawyer acts like he's disgusted and scolds the Other, "How dare you!"

I thought Kates, "You taste like fish cookie" was pretty funny too.

Kate: Stop looking at my ass (butt? rear?)
Sawyer: Then give me something else to look at.

Favorite Moment:

Benry turning the TV on and Jack's reaction of disbelief to the Sox
winning the series was great. Showing the videotape of the Sox winning the series brought chills to all of us. It was absolutely MY personal defining moment of my life. But then again, I've been a Sox fan for 50+ years.


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Blogger Jana said...

It's getting harder and harder for me to believe they're "the good guys." Good guys just don't act like that! Especially Ben.

I thought it was very naive of Sawyer to stand there and tell Kate his whole plan and not realize someone would be listening. Ugh.

Kate sure didn't seem upset by that kiss.

I'm really looking forward to next week.

13/10/06 4:03 PM  

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