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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost Discussion Thursday


Yes the episode was good. It was not great by any means, it dragged in parts, but it was overall a decent episode.

We learned Desmond survived...and that he "saw and heard" Locke's rescue speech before it happened.

We learned that Locke survived and mysteriously lost his voice...then went on his little "Vision Quest" trip where Boone makes a strange cameo to tell Locke he must save Mr. Eko. (Aside, I gotta wonder just what the brown paste he ate was. It wasn't mushrooms... and the whole thing was a big too Carlos Casteneda for me.)

We learned Locke has to correct his mistakes, and because he is the "hunter" (excluding good guys), he's destined to take charge, and rebuild his island family. Anyone notice the similarity between his words at the picnic table in the commune, and those he uttered at the dining table in "The Stepfather"?

Mr. Eko seems to regain consciousness temporarily, just long enough to tell Locke of his mission.

Locke regains his resolve and mysticism both and seems to become an actual leader.

New Losties are sort of introduced.

This wasn't all by any means. I think that was more than a typical advancement of the plot. Plenty for us to chew on...or we could just piss and moan about how much the show sucks some more. Up to you. Have at it!


So now we have our 2 new characters start talking. I think that the new Paulo guy is gonna be a good character. The girl looks like she's gonna have some sense about her too. Anyone else put off by how they introduced Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro) and Nikki (Kiele Sanchez)? It was just weird to me, how they were there and knew everybody. Last year, introducing the Tailies was easy because they were their own group and they merged, so to speak. But Nikki and Paulo have been part of the 48, there since the crash. To have contactnow seems odd but I'm sure it'll be fine after we get some more info on them.

Also, what significance does the hatch have if it can be blown up and nothing seems to happen? Desmond and Locke seem permanently changed by it, and I'm sure Eko will be when he wakes up. However, if pushing the button was so important, I feel like more should have happened post-explosion. Additionally, other than Desmond's theory, can we be sure that his error is what caused flight 815 to take a nosedive? I'm thinking no, and his new psychic(?) abilities give him some insight as to what really happened.

Another random point: Eddie, the undercover cop in Locke's flashback had a "Jeronimo Jackson" T-shirt on. Wasn't that the name of one of the bands that was in the hatch's record collection? Nice little tidbit from the writers. Too bad all of the records are probably a melted pile of plastic goop now.

Tonka trucks in the bear cave??? Does that imply that they were feeding the children to the bears? Or what? Appearently we're supposed to believe that the polar bear eats Dharma people including children. How did Eko get there? Would a polar bear drag his prey so far into a cave? Or through the jungle? And how come the bear isn't hot? I heard that in 2 weeks there will be an Eko flashback with more explanations about the Bear cave.

Kill off Charlie. He's worthless and the hobbit should no longer be safe from being written off the show. Hurley looks fatter than ever and still one of the better characters on Lost, Dude. I think we got badass Locke back at the end or that speech could have a been a cover like the filthy hobbit suggested.

Locke is a badass though. Flamethrowering a polar bear = ratings. Locke is the Jack Bauer of Lost.

Is Jack going to turn heel? I think that could make it good.

And what was so great about the speech he made to the other losties? He said like three words, and Charlie commented on how it was such a great speech? And then, of course, Desmond had already envisioned it. Man, I could make millions writing speeches, if all my audience members were like these two characters.

I've been trying to figure out who the pot farmer (Chris) was. I know we've seen him elsewhere but I can't remember him. And what's the deal with Locke ending up on a hippie commune growing pot and peaches? With a truck full of guns, no less. It seemed oddly out of character from his other flashbacks, and we know by his hair that it's after his father died and the marriage proposal.





And finally, I normally don't pull funny quotes from this show, but I lost it when Hurley dropped this one.

Hurley (in complete disbelief of Desmond's explanation for being nude): "So, like, the hatch blew off your underwear?"

Charlie's "Devolved" to a baboon. Nice quip by Charlie.

NEXT WEEK: More torturing! Huzzah!


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Blogger lainey said...

The pot farmer was Hank on Twin Peaks. And also he was in North Country and tons of other things in a supporting type role.

19/10/06 10:23 AM  
Blogger Dustin said...

It was a pretty good episode, I thought. By calling the undercover cop Eddie, it seems they are trying to link it to the Dark Tower series, which they said was an inspiration for the show. Makes me think Charlie's dying soon, so maybe that'll make you happy.

19/10/06 2:14 PM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Mmm, torture next week. Torture of a sweaty, shirtless Sawyer. Mmm.

I hadn't though that they might be FEEDING children to the bear, but it's an interesting thought.

19/10/06 9:39 PM  

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