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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lost Discussion Thursday


What a great episode. When Pickett started whaling on Sawyer I got the impression that something seriously bad was gonna happen. The little directorial flourishes, like Pickett and Tom arguing behind muted glass, the real(ist) dialogue like Benry's "God, I hate needles" aside, closure on Sawyer's previous flashbacks, I loved pretty much the whole thing. Only why exactly did they con Sawyer? Are we supposed to know? Is it just what Benry said to Sawyer...that they conned him to get his respect. Con men only really respect other con men - everyone else is a 'mark'. The real question should be : why do they want his 'respect'( and presumably thereby his cooperation )?

I actually really enjoyed this episode except for one thing, which turned out to be the con. As most of you know, I've had a pacemaker/defibrillator installed and there is NO frigging way they could possibly do a surgery like that without several things. A pacemaker is installed way up over the boobs, right under the shoulder. In order for it to work, lead wires from the pacemaker to the heart are installed, and in order to do that, you have to have an idea of what the heart looks like, IOW, an echocardiogram. Then you have to look at the syncopy of the heart to see how the pacemaker is programmed. And you have to program it a couple of times to ensure that it's working. PLUS, nobody, not even my precious Sawyer would be up and walking around like 15 minutes later after heart surgery. So I was sitting there fuming and then they tell him that it's a con. Harumph! Anyhow, enough of my rant.

The flashbacks were short anda little informative. I do have to ask, though, who the heck was theguy on the beach with the golf clubs? I do not remember ever seeing him before. Was he the new regular that appeared last week asking if they should wait for Jack to return when they brought and injured Eko back to camp?

And Sawyer has a daughter named Clementine. That he left he share of the $10 million for. I love him more than evah!

That ending confused me. When Sawyer got to the top of the hill he said "what the!" with a surprised look but when we got to see what he saw it was another island. I was sure they were going to show him their little neighborhood but nooooo....

Now I thought they were all on one island and now apparently there are 2 islands but is that really some big deal? Sawyer, Kate and Jack are being held on a smaller island. They can't get back to their friends without some means of water travel. The new island. The show is calling it Alcatraz: allusion, but I'm gonna call it Exile Island, like in Survivor. Why not be consistant with the Island shows?

Hmm did I hear the word "sub" in tonight's episode? "The sub is back." I guess that's how Colleen and her team sneaked aboard the sailboat without being seen. Must be one of those stealth subs to reach the boat and surface w/o making any noise. And wasn't the boat docked? The water would have been too shallow for a submarine. Oh, well, I'm sure the mystery will be explained just like all of the others have been

How come the previews to the next eposide aways look better than the actual episode? Though I think tonights eposide was a good one, way better than last weeks.

So now Locke has a competitor in the clairvoyance department: Desmond. And unlike Locke, Desmond didn't have to get stoned in a sweat lodge! In that sense, Desmond's powers are even stronger than Locke's. Desmond knew that lightning was going to strike Claire's shelter. He tried to get her to move, but she wouldn't, so he built the lightning rod out of a golf club to save her and the baby. And of course, Charlie was a prick about it. KILL HIM OFF! And Hurley's fruit salad was saved too, I guess. ;) Loved that he was making a fruit salad. Dude!

Speaking of precognition, I noticed Sawyer saying the exact same things to Kate in this episode as he did in Locke's dream/vision. "Watch and learn, little lady" and something about "crazy."

Locke has visions that give him clues, but he hasn't seen the future outright. Desmond is outright predicting the future -- with exact timing and everything.

The two scientists at the end of last season saw some kind of reading
(from the explosion I assume) that enabled them to pinpoint the island in some kind of vague way no? Was it not also Desmonds female companion that was on one end of the phone? Maybe he's just figuring out what they were working on at that time, now. Something to do with magnetic fields, etc... I'm not sure exactly what, I'm not a scientist, but there definitely appeared to be a connection to me.

In the first eposide this season they showed the plane crash and Ben ordering Ethan and Goodwin to the different sections of the plane and they both took off running.

Last season Ana Lucia even pointed out to Goodwin that his clothes wasn't wet after the crash right before they fought so he didn't swim there. So how did Ethan and Goodwin both get to the other island so fast? Mini subs perhaps? Maybe a giant catapult from one island to the other? Maybe those pneumatic tubes are big enough for a person?

I'm pretty certain the place where "the others" are holding Jack, Sawyer and Kate hostage (the hydra station) is *not* in the same location as the village they showed in the first episode. Could be. Or it could be that Ben is lying about which island is which...

Assuming the polar bears we've seen attack the Lostaways are the same ones (or the ancestors of the same ones) that were kept in the cages on Hydra, they'd have to get from one island to the other in some way... Of course, we know Polar Bears swim. But do they swim in tropical water from one island to the next? Can they swim that far?

So there is a second island right nearby. Yet:

  • Danielle didn't know about it (it's not on her map)
  • Sayid never saw it (when he went walking alone and got captured by Danielle)
  • The raftees never saw it (when they sailed away in the Season 1 finale)
  • The Tailees never saw it (when they hiked from their camp to the
  • Lostaways' camp)
  • The sailboaters (Jin/Sun/Sayid) never saw it

We've had all these explorers crossing and crisscrossing all over the
damn place yet nobody saw the second island, and nobody saw the Others' real town. So now we've got a town and a second island. What are they going to show us in season 4, DHARMA International Airport?

See the following information at

"On the "top layer map" (third map), near each angle of the triangle is
a drawing -- three drawings total. These drawings look like they could be of three dark clouds or three islands. On the "bottom layer map" (first map), written beside the three drawings are the words, "Les trois ilots" ("the three small islands/islets").

The Three Small Islands/Islets: There just so happens to be three tiny
islets located at the top-right portion of the following overview map.
Are the "three small islands/islets" ("les trois ilots") in any way
related to the three tiny islets located on the following overview map
of the island?

The word "ilots" stands for "islets" and aren't islets little tiny
islands? If "les trois ilots" turn out to be the three little islets on
this overview map, then at least we know where these little islets are! In addition, it would mean that the castaways are located on the island (the bigger land mass) and NOT on one of "les trois ilots," because they would be able to see the island (the bigger land mass) from the horizon if they were on one of the little islets.

"LES TROIS ILOTS (?)", "les trois îlots" - it's hard to make that last
word out, looks like "ilots". Picture depicts what appears to be three
small islands ("islets"), but the word "îlots" refers to groups of
houses, villages, neighborhoods, city blocks... strange."

Nothing has been said or done to indicate that 'The Village' from
episode 3.1 was on 'Alcatraz' ( where the installation with the bear
cages resides ). In fact quite the opposite...all indications are that
it IS on the big island where the plane crashed.

We're Not The Killers

  • Ethan hanging Charlie.
  • Ethan snaps Scott's (or was it Steve's?) neck.
  • Didn't Goodwin kill that guy in the hole to throw the tailies off his trail?
  • I think we can assume that Ben killed the real Henry Gale.
  • And what about the kidnapped children
  • Aren't they the group who shot Sawyer, then he fell off the raft, the raft
  • caught fire and Jin and Michael were thrown in the water to drown?

What's this, "We don't kill people"?

Hanso's Alternative Form of Funding

Secret projects are hard to fund. Unless you can figure out people
that are connected to hidden money. Money which you can steal and use for your projects. Only this scam is more complex. To con the conmen you have to make a con much bigger than the individual players. Remote viewing spots people connected to hidden money. It spots the players that you then watch to find out what they are hiding. Then you figure out how to use their greed and secrets and weaknesses to draw them further into your scam. You take what you learned from another project involving animal tests, pavlovian conditioning, etc. to apply to the con. The con takes on a mind of its own like hoaxes are often known to do (a hoax isnt 100% lie its simply tampered evidence). Question is are all of the people connected to some secret money? I think there is more to Walt than meets the eye. He was just a little bit too worried about him. And why the question about he being Micheals biological son?

Some folks had theorized that maybe The Others stay on the island because its "magical powers" keep them healthy and alive--perhaps for a very long time. Well, that theory got scotched with tonight's episode and next week's promo: It looks like Ben is sick with a spinal tumor and without Jack's surgical help, Ben is a goner. (There's no way that could be another one of Ben's mind games because once Jack operates on Ben, he'll see whether Ben really has a tumor or not.)

So whatever "magical healing powers" exist on the island, they haven't helped Ben like they helped Locke and Rose. That's a lot of assuming. It could be that the condition is in remission (like Rose's), but Jack wouldn't KNOW that just by looking at an x-ray. He's a staunch non-believer, remember? So he'd look at the x-rays and conclude it should be fatal. Could still be that Ben can't leave the island without dying (kind of like Rose figures she can't), but if Jack operates on him and "cures" him, he WILL be able to leave.

We're still left wondering what all crazy Danielle's talk about the "Others being carriers" is all about :-)

Coming Attractions

As a wise, bald man once put it, "I'm going to need to see that again"

What the heck was that thing? I nearly orgasmed. Just kidding. A man with an eyepatch? I guess that's the guy whose glass eye was found in the Arrow station
last season?

Here is article from the newest TV Guide

Lost (11/8, 9/8c, ABC) One of the series' big mysteries---who
will Kate choose?---is finally solved when the freckled fugitive
hooks up with either the good doc or the con man. As it's also
Kate's flashback episode, we'll gain more insight into her past.
Could guest star Nathan Fillion (Firefly) be the hubby she once
mentioned? We'll see. This is Lost's last new episode until
February---the show's going on hiatus to make way for the new
Taye Diggs series Day Break---which producers are aware may
frustrate viewers. "Is there gonna be grumbling?" asks exec
producer Damon Lindelof. "We hope so. The alternative would be,
'I don't care that Lost is not on.'" We still care. Just hurry
back. ---Shawna Malcom

Discussion Items

  • So what did you think about this episode and the whole two island thing?
  • How about Kate saying that she loved Sawyer and then taking it back.
  • What about Kate going back into the cage instead of trying to escape?
  • Is Jack going to end up saving Ben from cancer or using himself as a bargaining chip to get Kate and Sawyer back to the other island?
  • Where the heck are Michael and Walt? Did they really get to sail away?
  • Is Locke going to save anyone, or figure out that the Others, Jack, Kate and Sawyer aren't even on the island?
  • How did Hurley get back from the dock? Was he actually on the original island? And if so, how did they get Kate, Sawyer and Jack to the Exile Island without them knowing?
  • Where are Sun and Jin?
  • What the heck is this show about?


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Blogger Dave2 said...

I couldn't tell you because I stopped watching Lost a long time ago. Sounds like I'm not missing much... just a boring flashback episode with nothing solved or explained.

26/10/06 8:26 AM  

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