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Thursday, October 19, 2006

My head, she is hurting

Today was rather an intense day. A lot of stuff going on, much of it I can't talk about here. I know there's a site somewhere where we can post anonymously about what's really happening, but I can't remember who is the keeper of the link. Anyone know.

Suffice it to say that work continues to boggle my mind and I need to find a different solution to my problems. I wish I could share more, but I can't for obvious reasons, although I'm dying to!

Because I am finding that part of my life so stressful, I'm entertaining almost constant headaches. Today was no exception. By mid afternoon my eyes were watering, I was nauseated, and my head was about to explode. The kids got home from school and I excused myself and went upstairs to lay down. About 4 hours later I awoke from my stupor and realized that I had slept through the Blogtoberfest. I was seriously bummed because I really wanted to attend. I even washed my best jeans and (gasp) ironed a shirt to wear. Damn.

Because I am an idiot and didn't set a clock I decided I needed to be punished so I watched the 3rd debate of the candidates for Governor. Fortunately, it turned out not only not to be a punishment, but actually fun. Kerry Healey got slaughtered by the other candidates, and by the audience who boooed her loudly and clearly time and again. She looked totally pathetic with her hairsprayed dome of goyish hair and her fake little "who me?" hand motions. Her body language screamed "I'm a loser." Christy Mihos entertained me mightily in the way he spoke to Healey. He's actually quite an amusing fellow. Not that I'd vote for him, but...

I did like the discussion on our soon to be "universal" health care in Massachusetts. From the onset of the announcement I was very upset at how the legislature deemed it illegal not to have health insurance in our commonwealth, but didn't have any way of helping the poor pay for it. Up to $3000 for a family living on the poverty line is impossible, and yet they would be breaking a law by not paying for it. At the same time, the Romney-Healey gang determined that the state should not give any financial support to the poor. I'm outraged that my now free healthcare is going to cost me a fortune. I don't mind paying a small token amount, but when it runs to a couple of hundred dollars for what I was getting free only months earlier, than I'm an angry camper.

My head was again pounding so the kids made Annies Mac&Cheese for dinner for themselves and I ate a bowl of cornflakes. It's the only thing I've eaten all day and I am now aching for a salad or some veggies.

The Girl brought this home today. I loved it.

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Blogger bdetchevery said...

Funny Test :-)

20/10/06 2:52 PM  

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