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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh crap. I'm in mourning.

Sometimes I frigging hate progress. A couple of years ago they built a HUGE grocery store on Rt 1 in Dedham. It's called the SuperStop&Shop. I call it the Stupor Stop&Shop because the damn market is so huge that you're in a stupor by the time you walk out with your groceries. It's got a Staples in it. And a Dunkin Donuts. And it probably has a sex shop in the back. But does it sell wine? No, it does not!

But I digress. Since it opened, most of the folks in my neck of the woods abandoned my little Super Stop and Shop a couple of miles up the road in West Roxbury. Moron customers! That was my favorite supermarket for several reasons. It was NEVER crowded. Not even before a storm or on the 3rd of July were there lines. You got in, you got your food, you got out. It was a dream shopping experience, on par with winning the lottery and shopping for everything at Whole Paycheck. I also loved it because the handicapped parking was rarely used and there were always enough spaces so I didn't have to bitch people out for parking in a handicap space. And lastly, I loved it because it had a very cheap pet supply store in the same parking lot, so I could get cat litter and decent food and maybe some packets of kitty crack without having to go to another parking lot. Plus, the store was close to my home and on a route with little to no traffic.

Today I rushed into my Stop&Shop to do a quick shop and... I can barely say with without sobbing... it is closing. On Thursday. Forever. Woe is me.

The shelves were empty of products. Things were marked WAY down. There was no cream of wheat, my staple breakfast at night food. Hardly any yogurt was left. The cheese aisle was empty. It was like going to the grocery in Moscow before the Iron Curtain collapsed. Empty shelves, people. Empty shelves! In an American grocery store. Never have I seen such a sad sight.

First the hula trees on Route 1. Then the frigging traffic cones from hell. And the staties that stand in front of their blinking cars talking on the cell phones instead of directing traffic. Boy, that time and a half looks pretty good when all you do is whisper sweet nothings into your sweethearts cell all day, right?

And now the Stop&Slop closes it's doors. This is Progress? And I gotta ask. Who needs a Staples in their grocery store anyways.

I do have to admit that having a grocery store right by DSW does hold a certain attraction. Fresh eggs, milk, cheese, and new shoes!
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Blogger Stephanie A. said...

I'm with you about this type of progress. I have to wonder- if it makes things crummy, is it really progress in the end? Sure, it may be convenient, but progress and convenient are not the same thing.

Good post!

24/10/06 6:02 PM  

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