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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quilting: Pieces of our hearts


The Girl is taking a fashion design class at school. I think it's better known as sewing, only they no longer make the lovely denim gym bag of my youth. They start with a 'tote bag' and then move on to making a dress. When I failed sewing, much to my mother's mortification because she has a graduate degree in costuming and was a professional cutter in Hollywood for 20+ years, I had spent the entire semester making the gym bag and never got beyond that. I hated sewing. Hated. It.

But I've mellowed and have actually made curtains and various household type decor things. Pillows and stuff. I'm no longer fearful of my sewing machine, but I must admit it's been in it's box for at least the past 5 years. I don't know why, because I love crafty kinda stuff but I just haven't gotten the machine out. Plus, my iron is lost. Yeah, that's it. I can't sew without an iron, right?

Anyhow, this evening we had to hit the library on the way home from shul and while we were there the Girl found a book of quilt patterns and we decided we would try to make a quilt together. Now, the book she picked out, it is not for rank beginners. It has gorgeous patterns for things like palm trees and light houses and all sorts of other fancy schmancy quilt squares. Me, I'd like something very easy to cut out and sew. The Girl, she's all about the look. She can't wait to go pick out fabrics. She's into serious matching of colors. I'm more into complementry colors.

So the thing is, I know absolutely NOTHING about quilting. Nothing. I know you buy little cutsie print cotton fabrics. I know you buy matching thread. That is the total extent of my knowledge of quilting.

But you, dear internets, you know quilting. And you love to give advice. So please, tell me what I need, and be reasonable, I can't spend a fortune on this little idea. I have a sewing machine. And there are scissors hoarded in the Girl's room with all other things I can't find. Other than that, I've got nothing. So help me.

Here are some of the quilt patterns I think we can handle. Give me some opinions on whether or not these are easy, hard, or insane. I'm voting for # 9 or 10. They look wicked easy.










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