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Monday, October 09, 2006

See, I told you the Yankees suck!`

It couldn't happen to a better team. Oh, shucks. Better isn't the word I'm looking for. More DESERVING team. Yup, the Yankees deserved to fold again in the division series. Because they suck. Individually, collectively, managerially, and ethically they suck the bigtime and I'm gloating, not because my beloved Red Sox beat them, but because ANYONE beat them. That's how much I hate them.

I hate Joe Torre. HATE HIM. The man can't crack a smile for love or money. What kind of manager can't even bother with a smile for his players. He's so morose. I think he's severely depressed. He's busy counting what's left of his salary intake over the past few years, because it's almost a certainty that his days in pinstripes are ovah!

I hate A-Rod. The guy sucks so badly this year, and yet he's making how many million? If I performed as badly as he did this year, I'd be on the unemployment line. He's a whiney cheater and I hope they let him go. Like anyone else would pay his inflated salary.

I hate Derek Jeter. JEEEETER. HATE HIM. Repulsive smarmy jerk. Thinks the team revolved around him. Thinks baseball revolves around him. Well, I guess it doesn't, Derek. So go suck an egg.

I hate Johnny Damon. Yes, you heard me. I used to love him, but that was before he abandoned the Red Sox for money. Money. Like he wasn't making enough here? How much frigging money do these overpaid morons need? How much money does it take to sell your soul?

I hate Randy Johnson. He is the ugliest man ever to play a professional sport. He looks like a gigantic chicken.

I hate Mariano Rivera. HATE HIM. So he's a good closer. I don't like how he pitches to Papi. I don't like him one bit.

I hate George Steinbrenner. The man thinks money can buy a World Series ring every frigging year. Well this year money bought him an inflated A-Rod salary, a mediocre Damon, and a loss at the division level. To Detroit. Heh heh.

My prediction is that Torre just lost his job. Good riddance to that creepy face. Blech. I'm guessing that A-Rod is going to find himself in a funny position off season. I'm betting that Steinbrenner will once again come up with huge salaries for those players willing to deal with the devil. They'll come to NY, shave and cut their hair, and have to deal with Steinbrenner's famous temper tantrum meltdowns and a mediocre team. Oh well. So sad. Too bad.

Go Detroit!

And I'm already looking forward to the spring season, when the Giants come to Fenway. We're hoping Barry Bonds stays on with them so we can throw syringes on him. It's become a lifelong goal of the Boys. :-)
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Blogger Georgia said...

Hey, didn't anyone ever tell you that what you think or say about someone else isn't about them, it's about you? Think about that one awhile. Esp. when you say Randy Johnson looks like a giant chicken. :-)

9/10/06 2:36 AM  

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