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Monday, October 30, 2006

What does this say about the state of women?


Last night I found this whilst perusing a blog I occasionally read. At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought that the tattoos must be photoshopped. I really didn't think that any woman would see herself as such an object that she would denigrade herself by placing such tattoos all over her body. But then I read some her links it appeared that these are actually body modifications, and that this is a woman who has some very serious issues. This haunted me all day today, thinking about what pain this woman must have been suffering in order to place such permanent ink on her body.

She claims that they are a statement of her sexual addiction and her bisexual failures. She claims that she was married to both a female porn star and a man who later killed himself over her sexual indescretions. She claims she has twins. She also says that she has lost every job she has ever held due to her sex addiction, sleeping with anyone she can at her jobs. Hmmmm.....

I honestly don't know what to think. That a woman in 2006 thinks that it is OK to walk around in a public place with this type of tattoos showing boggles my mind. Children can easily see her tramp stamp or the other tats she claims are in full view. She doesn't see the reason to cover them up. And yet she claims to be a parent. What kind of parent would allow their children to see this? How does a person like this get to keep her children, if they do live with her? Can this woman have friends? A family? Anyone that loves her enough to tell her that this was a really bad idea? What will she do when she is no longer young, but a woman in her 60's? And how on earth does she go to the gynecologist with those tats on her labia?

I try not to be judgemental about body modifications. I personally don't have them and don't like them, but I've learned to accept that some people find them beautiful and erotic. Admittedly, some of the Maaori hand inked tattoos are beautiful even to an old fart like me. But this isn't beautiful. This is sadistic. Masochistic. Unhealthy. And it scares me that a woman could feel so negatively about herself that she would cause such damage to her body. This goes beyond body image, although the scars on her abdomen appear to be the result of a tummy tuck. This is a woman hurting with something so deep and dark that there is nothing about her that she respects.

I worry when I see things like this that it will influence other women to copy her. I don't want to ever see another women or child do this. I don't want negative tattoos like this to be considered sexyand cool. This isn't sexy and cool. It's ugly and promotes self-hatred. Aren't young women bombarded with enough anti-feminist propaganda as it is? Do we need to teach self-hatred to our children? Do we want to believe that this is just a matter of self-expression gone awry, or is this another indication of society going to hell in a handbasket.

I have no answers. I have only extreme sadness for this woman, and for all women who hate themselves so much that they would consider this to be an acceptable body modification. Sadness for the generations of children that are being presented with people that modify their bodies into hideously ugly beings for the rush. I don't understand it. Why aren't we beautiful just as we are? Why do we need modifications, be them plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos, implants, or placing holes in your bodies? I may not be the most physically alluring person on the planet, but I'm pretty happy with who I am just as I am.

My wish for woman is that they can accept themselves as they are, regardless of the 'flaws' deemed unacceptable by the media.
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Blogger Bobby McGee said...

Although I do find her tats offensive, it's her body. I think she should cover them up, though. There's a person in a Cerebral Palsy community I frequent that has had tattoos done on every part of her body that she hated as a child...left leg, left arm, wrists, etc. It is symbolic, I guess, and it's a wonderful way to accept yourself. I would ramble about disability and tattoos, but alas, I would be hypocritical, for I'm not getting a tattoo; I'm too craven! Plus, there really is nothing I hate about my body, except for the nerve damage, but...let's keep the pain levels to a minimum.

Oh, and can we link?

31/10/06 9:27 PM  

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