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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What a haul: NOW with PHOTOS!

The girl is so gifted at bringing home the Halloween stash. She has this talent for getting a lot of good candy. Nothing you want to toss. Not one thing was gross. She ended up a huge bag of candy, three toothbrushes (oh those dentists!) and a wonderful pair of funky sunglasses.

This year she went out with 3 friends. One of the girls, shall we say, is a drama queen. A seriously SPOILED drama queen with a mother that runs to her rescue even when she's the one that causes the drama. This girl has issues with the other 2 girls, but they are all friends of the Girl. DQ decided to join them trick or treating at the last minute. It was a bad decision. She ended up accidentally falling into one of the other girls on the stairs of one house, getting very ticked off, walking off in a huff, and calling her mother to come and get her. Her mother yelled at the other girls.

I want to take her mother outside and slap her silly. She never lets DQ solve her own problems. DQ is 14 and her mom still calls when DQ is pitching fit to try and solve the issue. It's so ridiculous. Anyhow, the Girl called me to tell me about the drama and how stupid it all was, and then DQ called a bit later and told me that she left because she had a stomach ache. I didn't let her get away with that. I told her to stop this nonsense and to own up to her issues and to stop putting the Girl in the middle of her drama. And to stay away from the other girls if she can't solve her own problems and can't get along with them.

Despite this drama, the Girl was dressed to kill (photos are on another camera and I don't have them yet) as a red devil and she had a blast.

The Boy had 2 friends over and they walked into our village and encountered someone giving out candy, so came home with a handful. He refuses to trick or treat, and has only gone out once since 3rd grade. He loves candy, but will not work for it.

We only got 4 trick or treaters, which is more than we got last year. Kids are just too lazy to walk up the hill, and to fearful to cross the gate to get in through the back field. We even leave the gate open and there are plenty of jack-o-lanterns and decorations. But it looks spooky with the huge dark barn looming over the houses. I wish more kids would come. Maybe next year we'll really decorate to attract more. I think I need to organize the neighbors, none of whom appeared to be home tonight.

Oh well, all in all it was a fun night and I've eaten way more tootsie rolls than I should. They're so chewy!
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Blogger The Scribe said...

I got just a few trick or treaters but I went out with my friends (I don't have kids) and I ate too much chocolate.
The Boomer Chronicles

1/11/06 10:03 AM  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

Wow! That is a lot of drama. About 2 years ago, I saw on "60 minutes" that the family that owned Tootsie Roll sold the company. Glad the new owners stayed with it. Glad to have U linked!

1/11/06 1:48 PM  

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