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Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a scintilating life I lead

Snicker. If my life got any more mundane I think I'd fall over dead from boredom. Another very windy day started with the Girl running upstairs to report that the Worthless Pet got blown off his feet when she first let him outside. I thought that was the major excitement for the day. But I was wrong.

Both of our Ipods were broken and so we headed to the Apple Store to see what they could do for us. We traded them both in for a new Nano, which hopefully will work for more than a month without breaking. So far we have had nothing but bad luck with out Ipods. Anyhow, while we were at the mall containing the Apple Store we saw a bunch of police cars and I remarked that someone was caught stealing. That's not unusual, half of our police report each week is people stealing from Bloomingdales. But while we were upstairs waiting on the Girl to get her free pair of underpants from Victoria Secret, we saw the police escorting the culprit handcuffed through the mall. You'll never guess who it was! A security guard. I know! How mortifying for him. He was in full rent-a-cop uniform and everything. I can't wait to read in the local paper what he was stealing.

When we got home I checked my email and got mail from a friend in the midwest alerting me that her incredibly HOT husband Shaun is going to be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight. He's the long and lean cowboy that is delivering the cattle to the family. We saw a promo of him riding his horse up the road. The horse both of my children have ridden on. Yes, we know a real live cowboy. He's been a working cowboy his whole adult life, and we stayed with them in Iowa for a few days learning the cowboy trade. I can't wait to see the show tonight. How cool is it to know the actual cowboy delivering the cattle. Bet you can't say that! :-)

So my humdrum little life had some exciting moments today, even though another Barnes and Noble I checked did not have Maggie Mason's book I was hoping to find before the November Blogging extravagana sponsored by Mrs Kennedy.

So how was your weekend?
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Blogger Courtney said...

Barnes and Noble in Walpole had several copies. I've had mine since the week after its release.

30/10/06 11:30 AM  

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