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Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I almost never drive in my town

Living in the town of the entitled seems to inculcate a sense of "the road is MINE so get the hell out of my way" type of thinking. I rarely if ever drive due to my medical issues, but every once in a while I need to get someplace and can't wait for the Ride to take me, so I'll take the car out for a quick spin in the 'hood. I don't ever leave my city as I'm a bit fearful of being too far away if something bad happens. So today I HAD to go to the bank and get some cash and then needed to pick something up for the Girl. Had to be today, had to be NOW because when you're a teenager, everything is on a quick as a wink schedule.

My bank, like so many others, is on Walnut in the Highlands. As I was pulling out of the ATM drive-through back onto Walnut to make a left turn, there was miraculously a hole in the oncoming traffic and I inched my way out to get into the left lane on Walnut. Halfway across the road a complete Masshole in her Lexus SUV with the bluetooth cell phone deelybob in her ear pulled out of Lincoln making a left onto Walnut going about 45 mph. She never even slowed down. She almost took the front end of our minivan off. I stopped, blocking the road so she couldn't go anywhere, and gave her the finger of death. As I saluted her, the people at the T station all started pointing at her like she was from outer space. The faces on the people were hilarious. She never even bothered to wave or show any emotion because she was talking on the phone, and lord knows, whomever she was chatting with was way more important than my daughter and my lives. Masshole!

I let her go by and she never even acknowledged my existance. It was truely unbelievable. She was totally oblivious that she had almost caused a very serious accident with her dangerous and reckless driving...because she drives a Lexus and she's rich so everyone needs to give her the right of way.

But the best part was, following behind her was a big white delivery van. As the pulled in front of me, they both applauded me and gave me the thumbs up sign. Because, even though most drivers in my city are totally entitled Massholes who think that the roads are theirs and theirs alone, the service workers appear to have brains. So thanks, delivery van drivers. You totally cracked the Girl up.

I loved the applause. Made my whole day.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your writing whenever I see your postings. This one I really can relate to. Keep up the great writing and take care and have a good one Bill

23/10/06 7:31 PM  
Blogger gordaboo said...

I have to agree with you...people with the big ol suv's just think that they drive the biggest car then they must have the right of way against my little Altima.

24/10/06 2:08 AM  

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