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Monday, October 23, 2006

Yawn... another bomb scare at the high school

I guess we should be a bit less cavalier, but the bomb scares, well... they're kind of silly. This is the 3rd we've had since a kid of mine was in high school. In each instance, the kids are told by the administration to gather all their stuff, go out the emergency exits, and then reconvine on the lawns. And then they wait. And wait. And wait some more. Today's happened right at lunchtime. Kids left their trays and went to stand outside for about 40 minutes, effectively missing lunch. The Girl, always thinking ahead, grabbed her sandwich with her. The Boy had already had his lunch. The Boy, always a wiseass if ever possible, asked his teacher, "Is there a reason for this mayhem?" when they were asked to evacuate the building.

Of course there was no bomb, there never is. The kids returned to the buildings slightly disappointed that their school was still standing. When the Boy was telling me about the evacuation he said he was pretty sad about the lack of explosion. I mentioned that it's taken 6 years to get the other high school designed, and we're still not even close to building it. If both schools were down for the count, wouldn't that be a trip for our city to bear? The thought just boggles the mind.

Here's the principal's version:

At 11:16 am, the police received a call saying there was a bomb at XXHS. Police and fire officials immediately came to the scene and consulted with school officials, who decided to evacuate the building.

While students were outside in the fields at a safe distance behind the school, fire, police and school officials swept the building looking for anything out of the ordinary.

When nothing was found, students and staff were permitted to return to classes and abandoned lunches.

Ho hum. Maybe there won't be another bomb scare until the weather gets warmer. One can hope.

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Blogger gordaboo said...

Wow...a bomb scare? I've never experienced that in my lifetime or in my kids lifetime. What a trip.

24/10/06 2:06 AM  
Blogger Jonathon said...

We had ONE bomb scare when I was in high school...it was just some kid calling from his Grandma's house playing a prank. Sometimes I worry about taking a smart aleck attitude to stuff like this...

24/10/06 11:34 AM  

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