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Friday, November 03, 2006

Another True Confession

Perhaps this will shock some of you, but my nickname can easily be Sasquatch. Because? I. Have. Huge. Feet. I know! It's so embarassing. I can't buy shoes in a normal store. Honestly, I can't.

Before children I used to have normal feet. I mean, they were large, but not within the realm of scary-huge. A 9B. That's normal, right?

But then I had twins. Twins at the grand old age of 40, which made my already large feet grow not only lengthwise, but in width as well. So my fairly normal feet betrayed me and spread to a 10.5EE. Yup, they are like shoeboxes. And evidentally, no longer within any realm of normal.

Most shoe stores carry sizes up to 10. They don't even consider us wide-footed people. We're a shameful secret consigned to purchasing shoes at "special" stores or from a catalog or an online site. But online, there aren't a lot of choices. And with both online and catalog shopping, you can't try on the shoes.

I have to try on shoes. My feet are *ultra* sensitive. It's why I can't wear socks. It's why I can't stand wearing most shoes. Never mind heels. Or pointy toes. Or anything that even resembles high fashion, not that they make them in my size.

Not my size and $433.95 but man, aren't they adorable?

In the greater Boston area, there are all of TWO shoe stores for the size-challanged foot. One is in Framingham Center, and they are ultra expensive and usually ultra ugly. It's good for things like Uggs and winter boots and sandals, but when you're attending an event, it's slim pickings.

The other store is in Coolidge Corner and it makes the store in Framingham look expansive in both selection and size representation. In other words, there isn't a lot there to pick and choose from.

Now why do you care? Because I have an event to attend NEXT WEEKEND and I am going to have to go barefoot because I cannot find shoes. It's not like I haven't looked. I have. But the truth of the matter is, I don't wear fancy shoes enough to dedicate several hundred dollars to my stupid feet. Plus, my feet, they hate most shoes and refuse to cooperate. I tried those new Cole Haan shoes (tres cher por moi) that are like Nikes inside, and yes, they are comfy, but too narrow for my dogs. Why can I not wear Uggs, Birkenstocks, Stegmans, or something equally big and wide? Huh? WHY?

What's a sasquatch to do? I'm back to perusing the online stores again. This is what I want. A plain black pump with kitten heels and maybe a bit of decoration. Nothing extremely fancy, nothing really high. I'd even go with a color as both of the outfits I will be wearing are black. At this point, I'd wear pretty much anything that looks a bit on the fancy side. Anything. Because I am totally and completely sick of looking at shoes.

Oh, the Boy will be wearing my Doc Martins as his dress shoes. Why spend $$ on something he'll only wear a few times? They fit, they're black, they go with his (hand-me-down) suit. So only the girl has new shoes.
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Blogger The Scribe said...

It must be really hard to shop online. I mean, you can't try anything on. But I guess that looks like the best option right now, huh?
The Boomer Chronicles

4/11/06 11:11 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Do they have PayLess up there? I read in Consumer Reports once that PayLess Shoe stores offered the widest (no pun intended) selection of women's shoe sizes of all the national retailers. And if you're not gonna wear 'em much, it'd be great to get them PayLess cheap.

I mean, come on...if they can shoe Star Jones...?

4/11/06 8:36 PM  

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