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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Assaulted from all sides

I bet you think that I do nothing all day long but sit in front of the computer in my nice silent house, waiting for the kids to come home. Well, you're pretty close. On most days, that's just about what goes on here. But not today. Today is special.

Let's see....upstairs in the kid's bathroom I've got the plumber replacing the dripping tub faucets with new faucets.

In the kitchen I've got Pentecoster, my home health aide, cooking some incredible smelling chicken and sweet potato stew. She's from Cameroon and her cooking is to die for.

In the basement I've got the Drain Doctor banging on something in order to snake out my drains and get the frigging tree roots out of the pipes so that the tub and shower drain, the toilets stop leaking, and we can resume daily showers. Sorry, TMI on the shower part. Shall we say we've all been a tad grungy the past week or so, since our plumbing traumas came to a head.

Oh, and my neighbor is outside blowing leaves. Pentecoster's phone keeps ringing and the ring tone is Jingle Bells. I'm about to jump out of my skin with all this over-stimulation. There are way to many people in my house and I just want to get under the spanking clean sheets on my bed and take a nap.

I remember quiet.
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