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Monday, November 13, 2006


So, some new stuff is happening here in Chez Cold and Cough. I'm going to be starring in a feature length motion picture, the Girl is getting married, and the Boy has just won a full scholarship to the Sorbonne.

Yeah, right. Kidding! Just kidding!

In actuality the Boy has a terrible cold and stayed home today. Because he whined and whinged all weekend about his sore throat and sniffles, I allowed him to stay home ONLY if he worked on all his assignments he put off due to feeling like crap. So he wrote a 5-minute oral speech on Sophocles, and an English paper on the Parable of the Sower and didn't turn on the TV the entire day. But the work...she is done!

The Girl came home and immediately put on her PJs and took a nap. Poor thing, she is exhausted from talking all day long in school. It's hard work being popular.

We're all recovering from the Bat Mitzvah this weekend. It was a lot of fun, and the bar mitzvah daughter did a great job. The party was a dessert party with the freaking loudest DJ on the face of the earth. The little kids danced their patooties off, but my guys were too sophisticated to cut a rug, although the Boy did slow dance with the mother of the 'bride'.

The best part of the evening was the chocolate fountain. Heck, if you're eating fruit, it's healthy, right? Me, I think I ate half a pineapple covered in moulton chocolate. To die for. The Boy was more interested in marshmallows, the Girl liked the strawberries and pound cake. Me, just put me in front of pineapple and let me die happy.

And what's the big news? I'm blogging in a bunch of new places. I've got several small blogging jobs right now, and a big one pending. Which means I can finally bid my old job a fond farewell and get on with my life. This is very good news for me.

Otherwise, life continues on as usual. And you?
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