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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The countdown begins

It's day one of NaBloPoMo, National blog posting month. Those of us foolish enough to participate have promised to post daily through the month of November. Which is fine, because I tend to post at least once daily anyhow. But the pressure! Oh the pressure of being fresh and interesting every day for a full month. Luckily, November only has 30 days.

Today is officially Sugar Coma day. It is amazing I'm still alive. I cannot stop eating the candy. I was good all day, but last night I could not stop. Baby Ruths. Oh man, they are tasty! Almond Joys. Creamy sweet goodness. Heath Bars. What devil invented those crunchy treats? I should not be allowed near the candy. I'm taking extra metformin to keep my blood sugar in the close to, but not quite coma range. My fingers have many perforations as I keep testing. I am a sick puppy. I cannot stop. I need an intervention.

I got to be bionic today. Part of the new cost savings at my hospital is that every other visit to check my defibrillator is done at home via a Carelink modem thingy. It's pretty cool. They sent me the machine a while back, and all I have to do is plug it into the phone jack, press a button, and put the mouse over my appliance. It reads whatever it is supposed to, lights flash green as it reads the appliance, and once it's done, the modem takes over, calls some pre-programmed number, and sends the data someplace. Then I get an email telling me that they've recieved my transmission. It's so much easier than having to go into the hospital and wait around while the doctor sees other patients.

In summary, I'm about to go into diabetic shock, but I'm bionic so I'm not too worried. Actually, I'm toning down the chocolate. Funny how when the candy isn't around, anything chocolate looks fabulous, but when you have a ton of chocolate in the house, you get really picky and only want to eat what you really like. And damn, the kid didn't get any Junior Mints or Charleston Chews this year. She's just worthless!
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