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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Did you SEE them?

I've been sitting on a little secret. It's nothing titilating. It's just that The Girl is the queen of talent these days. Genetic talent that evidentally skips a generation because I so do not have even an inkling of this talent. But my Girl sure does.

She can sew. She can design outfits. She can make hats. And she can make these. Yes, go look at them, for they are fabulous. I'll wait.... hmmm, hooohummmm, la di dah....

Oh, you're back. So, did I lie? And was that model not adorable? My heart, it is full of love for both of those girls. Maybe, if you're REALLY nice, she might take orders!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, those are too cool for words! Adorable, truly precious!

22/11/06 5:04 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Sign me up for pajama pants and a big sloppy comfy top, mu-mu, or robe, size Mondo-Big. Bella is going to be in those pants for AGES. They're about 4 inches too long, but she loves rolling them up, and with that drawstring waist, she'll be able to keep wearing them until they're too short! At which point I will fold them up and display them in a tasteful shadow-box, for I shall keep them forever, until SHE has a daughter.

23/11/06 3:21 AM  

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