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Friday, November 10, 2006

The haircut

When the Girl was in second grade, she graciously let her friend Sarah cut her hair. This was after she had cut her own hair and had learned that this was a huge mistake. She had taken a chunk out of the top of her hair and it stuck up straight for months. And yet, when Sarah wanted to cut her hair, she evidentally handed her the scissors with glee.

When I got to school to pick her up I almost died. The whole front of her hair was about 1/4" short. It was bad. At first she denied cutting it, but there was absolutely no getting around the fact that her hair was in tattered bits all over her head. I just had no idea that little girls could be this...oh, shit... stupid about their hair.

When she had cut her hair the first time I told her if she ever did it again, I would take her to the salon and get it all cut off so she didn't look like a freak. Evidentally she either forgot that warning, or didn't believe I was serious. But she was just beginning to learn that when I say I'm going to do something, it's rarely a threat.

Off we went to Supercuts, and she got the worst haircut of her life. It was BAD. She looked like a little orphan I had picked up off the streets. Except she had adorable glasses. At the salon she cried and cried and the hairdresser thought I was the most evil mother in the world to ever bring this poor child in for a butchering. And I probably was, but it was the only way I figured I could keep the scissors out of her hand.

She definately learned her lesson. Since that haircut, she's never had her hair cut, only had trims and a shapening or two to get rid of the layers. She would no sooner cut that hair again than she would murder the cat.

I know it's not unusual for a child to give themselves a bad haircut. Usually they do it once, and then it's over and done with. Some kids need to learn the lesson a different way. I don't think the girl has ever gotten over this haircut, but I can promise you, keeping a photo of it around has kept her far away from fooling with her hair ever again.
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Blogger itazurakko said...

Ah, how this reminded me. I recall, with perfect clarity, sitting in my class of 50 students, in the 2nd grade, and two kids were playing "barber" with each other using their fingers only, to grab each other's hair.

At some point Girl A says to Girl B, "we should use real scissors." And they did. Girl A managed to cut Girl B's hair down to the scalp on one side. I remember just sitting there, thinking, oh, this is interesting, but not doing anything.

Girl B ended up having her head shaved, she looked like a nun!

10/11/06 1:03 PM  
Blogger kfk said...

My 4 year old son at the time cut his 2-year-old sister's hair to barely a quarter of an inch the whole way around. There were a few scraggly bits, but really she was a bald child for weeks. His excuse for doing it? He wanted her to be beautiful!

10/11/06 8:20 PM  

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