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Monday, November 06, 2006

I did it at long last!

Every year the supermarkets around these here parts offer a free turkey and all the trimmings if you spend enough money in their store to earn 20 'points'. Between October 6th and November 16th you have to spend $500 to earn the points. Every year I swear I'm going to do this, and every year I fall short because I don't shop in supermarkets as much as I do Trader Joes. Plus, I don't spend $500/month on food for our family.

This year, however, I did it. I planned ahead because Belinda has me so nuts over coupons and saving money at the market that I've been plotting and planning for weeks in order to get my free turkey. Fortunately the Staaaah Maaaarket in my city has a huge Kosher section and sells 3 different Kosher brands of turkey, all glatt. So I wanted to get in on this in the worst way.

Of course, in order to do so, I had to use coupons judiciously and spend the big money on larger ticket items that I don't usually buy in the grocery. In other words, boy, is there a lot of chicken in my freezer! And meat. Mmmm, meat. And oh, I already have a large turkey. But I need another one because Thanksgiving is coming up, and then the turkey I already have will become the holiday meal, and the new turkey will take it's place of honor in my freezer until it's cold and a nice hot turkey dinner during a winter vacation will be a big surprise for my children, the turkey lovers.

Next week I'll redeem my turkey points and pick up my new turkey and whatever else I need to make Thanksgiving dinner. So far, I've got the sweet potatos, the Yukon Golds, the cranberries, the turkey, the stuffing package, and the makings of an apple pie. I still need the pumkin pie fixins', fresh veggies, and the marshmallows for the sweet potatos. I have to get those last minute because somebody in our house tends to steal the bag, take it upstairs to their bedroom, and eat them all.

Oddly, I find Thanksgiving the most depressing holiday of the year. But I do love the food, and I love cooking it for my kids. It's the one holiday where they're so appreciative and they eat everything on their plates. Several times over, in fact!
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Blogger Mombat said...

Congratulations! Geez, I'm thankful that there are uber-organized women like you out there who will keep these promos going so that one day, maybe when I'm retired, I, too, can take advantage! But, really, so funny and so great. I miss Staaahhh Maaahhket.

6/11/06 9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is going to ba ALOT of dag in turkey...you'll be eating turkey for weeks to come!

6/11/06 10:03 AM  
Blogger BSumner said...

Dang girl... should have said so.. I have points that I'll never use! I can't spend $500 on groceries in that short a period. Now if they included co-pays on prescriptions at my Shaws, we'd be set.

6/11/06 5:07 PM  

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