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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've got absolutely nothing, NaBloPoMo

I'm mired in the choosing of the Medicare Part 2 programs. I thought I had it narrowed down to 4, and then I found out that I have a whole bunch of different options I have never heard of, so it's time to start over. I think I will be dead from brain explosion before I get registered for this damn program.

Got my flu shot, finally. I don't think I mentioned the trauma of my primary care physician before. I loved my old PCP. She was brilliant, funny, and very helpful to me. We had great rapport. But she was working in what she said was a sick building and she went out on sick leave last spring, stating that she would be back in the fall once the A/C was resolved. I waited and waited for her to come back, and finally called to find out what was going on and learned that she wasn't coming back. The doctor that took over for her was gone, too. The receptionists were total bitches when I questioned what I was going to do. They didn't care. So I was back to finding a PCP. Calling the hospital for recommendations was a quagmire, but finally got a name and an appointment for January. That would be 6 full months without me seeing a doctor, which is rather dangerous since I'm supposed to be monitored rather closely, but heck... it's a lawsuit in the making, right?

All I wanted was a frigging flu shot, but this whole PCP mess was taking over my life. Today I had the appt. for the shot, and showed up on time and was seen promptly. One big point for the new doctor, who I didn't yet meet. She is in the same large practice as my cardiologist, a women's health center, which I like. Easy to get to and free parking. Very good points. While I was there I mentioned that I needed to get a bunch of prescriptions refilled and needed new scripts. I told them that the former practice wouldn't do it, and I'd call my cardiologist if nobody else would rewrite them, but they did it for me, which was another very positive point. And the best point of all: they have a social worker that helps with insurance issues like Medicare. So I'll be talking to her tomorrow. All in all, a positive visit so far.

Then I took the Boy to his pharmacologist appt, where we got his new scripts, and hershey's kisses. I really adore his psychopharm. He's funny and SO freaking smart. You can just tell he was the literary geek when he was in school. Just like me!

A stop at Walgreens to pick up the Girl's prescription, and we were home again in time to see Julia Roberts on Oprah.

All in all, a totally scintillating day! Bwahahaha.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent 3 months doing the Medicare research thing for my mother. For both the supplemental coverage and Part D (prescription).

I ended up with getting her the insurance through AARP. I don't know what the rates are for your State ... but I know I got top coverage for her (I was mainly interested in at-home help).

If you're over 50 (sorry, I don't know), it's probably the best insurance coverage around. For NY'ers it's AARP/United Healthcare.

If this doesn't help, nevermind. LOL

28/11/06 7:34 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I'm over 50 (sob) and yes, AARP was one of the 4 that I have chosen. Then I found out that they have about a million programs, and I plan on calling them tomorrow to narrow down which programs are right for me. Because this has to be the most complicated thing I've ever tried to understand. That whole gap thing. Who the hell thought of THAT?

29/11/06 3:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about the gap that you need to know ...

when the total dollar amount reaches a certain amount (it's 6:30 am and I can't remember the total, something like $2500) and then the gap (or donut hole) kicks in until it reaches something like $3600.

Now, keep in mind this is NOT the total money YOU paid out of your pocket for the actual prescription ... it's the total of what you WOULD have paid if you didn't have the coverage.

Did you follow that? It's not something I came across the first 100 times I scoured this stuff.

I have Medicare also (I'm disabled). But I didn't need to get the Part D or supplemental insurance for myself because we have military health insurance that picks up everything Medicare doesn't and my prescriptions only run me $3 or $9 ... I know, don't hate me, we are very, very fortunate.

Good luck with your choices. Oh, and with the AARP / Healthcare prescription coverage there were two things of note: (1) the premium was only $25.47 a month and (2) there is no yearly deductible. None.

29/11/06 6:53 AM  

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