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Thursday, November 09, 2006

LOST Discussion Thursday

OK guys, I feel like I'm talking to myself here. Please tell me you're reading these posts by commenting. That is all...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm more than willing to wait -albeit anxiously -for a 16 episode season of Lost with no repeats. Yowsa! Tonight's LOST was OK, but not fabulous and certainly not up the standards of season 1. But it one of the better ones this season. It just sucks that the wait to watch the conclusion from tonight is three months long. If lost were a regular episodic series, that would have been good. It had some real tender moments, some suspense, and of course an Operating Room cliffhanger. But since Lost is not a regular show, I was really expecting some new revelations about things yet unresolved. So how does it feel to wait?

After the episode was over I sat in my chair thinking. I suddenly realized that Lost is not about what I was watching it for in the beginning. The show used to be about the island, what was going on there, and the characters were part of that mystery. Now Lost is a character driven drama and the island has been relegated to merely the setting. The story used to be about the island, but now it's about the people on the island. The operating room cliffhanger might as well have been who shot JR.

ABC is taking a big risk, yanking Lost off the schedule for thirteen long cold weeks after tonight's episode (merely the sixth of the new season). The suits say the production schedule leaves them no choice. But the producers will be leaving us little crumbs along the way to the Feburary 7th return.

Well, not exactly crumbs, but what ABC is calling "Lost Nuggets"-- 30-second promotional clips of scenes from coming episodes, containing clues to what's ahead. The nuggets will run each week, sometime during each episode of the show's replacement series Day Break. Me, I think it's extortion. If you want to keep up with Lost, you have to watch Day Break. Now I love Tay Diggs. I really really love him. Like, oh my GAWD he's so hot. But... I don't want to be required to watch him in that show. Which I am if I want to keep up with the Lost tidbits. DAMN Disney! Anyhow, it all boils down to this:

Ben won't die. Or he does and Juliet takes over as evil queen bitch (which could be awesome).
Kate and Sawyer will get away. I mean, c'mon the writers said these six episodes were a miniseries, so now they'll get back to the mainland or something.
The brief image of the Eye-Patch Man totally ruled.

The only thing OBVIOUS is that these 1st six episodes didn't settle anything. I'm BORED with the status quo. How long can you keep the main characters locked up and keep it interesting. They should have gotten out three episodes ago. The hatches and the underground is far more interesting to me. The Others have too much control of the show right now and that's not how it should be.

Questions and Comments Galore

What did Jack tell Kate when she was stitching him? This is what I remember... Jack was operating on a 15 year old girl when he accidentally cut something wrong. Spinal fluid shot everywhere. He told her he counted to five, calmed down, and fixed everything. He advised her to try it when she was scared and she did when they first encountered the monster. Whether he is telling her to not be afraid or that he is going to purposefully botch Ben's surgery or both, I have no idea. Maybe it's just something he is sure that the Others won't know. So if she tells him the right story, it means that she's safe, and Jack will save Ben. If she tells him the wrong story, then it meas she's not safe, and Ben is a dead man.

Too bad Jack doesn't know they're stuck on another island. All that matters is that Sawyer and Kate know and therefore also know that the Others have a way off the island, i.e. their sub (Or Desmond's boat) if Sun and Jin don't still have it. I am pretty sure they are still on it, as we haven't seen them at all this season. So where are they?

In the episide where they claimed to implant Sawyer with a pace maker did he see the video monitor room? Thereby knowing people could watch him having sex.This could be the islands version of celebrity sex tapes. LOL. I can't remember if he saw the monitors, but I'm sure that he knew that they were listening to him and Kate talk. Remember they told him that if he told her about the pacemaker, they would do the same to her. He really took that serious too, he was not gonna tell her.

When is someone gonna fight back and shoot people? Jack... all those guns... pull a Rambo man. At least Jack finally grew a spine. Sayid's lack of ability to accomplish anything productive has been disappointing. I want him to be powerful again. I want Sayid to stand up to Locke. I want order out of the chaos!

I wonder why they have allowed Alex to go AWOL. Maybe she is Ben's hostage/daughter. Maybe Ben doesn't want Alex to love him, he just wants Alex to want to love him. I thought Ben and Juliet were sort of Alex's "legal guardians"; I think they had raised her since they abducted her from Danielle's shelter. That's why Alex referred to Ben as "Ben," not as "Dad."

In tonite's episode, Sayid asked Locke what killed Eko, and Locke replied, "They call it 'the monster.'" Maybe the writers forgot that Sayid had already called it "the monster" too--when he was captured by Danielle. It was *Danielle* who replied to him "There are no monsters."

I was waiting for Sayid to reply to Locke, "I know that, dummy. I called it 'the monster' too." Hey, at least Sayid finally asked a straight forward question about what that hell that black mist monster is and why it's around. Too bad Locke pussied out and didn't answer him. They've really made Locke totally uncool this season.

Plus, in tonite's episode, Nikki asked "What killed Eko?" It never occurred to her that the thing they witnessed from the premiere episode 1.01 that howled and knocked down trees might be responsible? Even though since she heard that same howl when she was in Pearl Station?

Have the writers dropped any hints as to when they will explain more about the end of season 2, where those two guys in the artic detected a "magnetic anamoly" and then called Penny and said "I think we've found him!"

I was really hoping we wouldn't have to wait to February to see more "life off the island" type stuff, but I could see the writers not addresing this at all until quite some time down the road.

Refresh my memory: Who was this "Jacob" Pickett mentioned before going to kill Sawyer? Maybe Jacob is Ethan's real name? Maybe Ethan's last name. Otherwise I suppose that Ethan's list was sent off-island and Jacob sent back a list of who to take. Or did I remember that in the first episode this season, both Ben & Juliet called "Ethan" Jacob when he was working under her house. A search of the transcripts at http://www.losthatch.com/transcripts.aspx shows absolutely no mention of the name Jacob in dialogue before tonight.

Coincidence or evil plot that all of the tail section survivors have been murdered? If I remember right, Bernard is the only adult left. I bet he doesn't survive the season. The only talies that are left are children, the innocent, who were taken away. The ones who were left seem to have a high mortality rate. Locke saw the monster as a white light. Others as black smoke. The ones who saw black smoke have directly or indirectly cause the death of another human. It seems like the "smoke" judges people. But unless the writers go back on their word, I don't see how the smoke can be explained without turning the show into a science fiction show. I will bet that later we will see that Bernard has caused someone's death. Then he will get offed. But, I've been wrong before...

To trust or not to trust...that is the question.

Jack has more reason to trust Ben then Juliet in that Ben has proved himself to be a man of his word with Michael and Walt. Jack doesn't know Juliet and has no reason to trust her, but he has seen with his own eyes them letting Michael go. That paired with the fact that Juliet is asking him to not only break his hypocritical (yeah I know, I'm pissed at doctors today) oath, but to commit outright murder. Besides, Ben has the better offer on the table. He offered Jack the freedom to leave the island if he saves Ben. Juliet has not offered Jack anything substantive. Not even in her video. Now we don't know if they truly let him go, but for Jack to make a decision based on what he knows, its a much better risk to side with Ben then Juliet.

I think that no matter what Jack believes to be the truth about Ben and Juliet that he would never kill Ben on the operating table. That is not in his character: Jack will try to save Ben because he is a doctor first and saving people is what he does. Ben, of course, has to trust Jack, I get that plot dynamic. But the Jack we know does not have to trust Ben in order to treat him.

Perhaps Juliet's card show is part of an elaborate test of Jack's integrity. Although I hope this is not the case. I prefer that Jack uses her plot as leverage that will either allow his escape and/or her come-uppance. I am not feeling a lot of love for Juliet right now. Sometimes I think that Juliet and Ben are working together and the cue cards was just a way to see if Jack would fall for such a thing. If Jack tells her no, the Ben can rest easy knowing that Jack doesn' have it in him to commit murder/mistake. Remember how Ben said that the original plan was to break Jack, but now that option was no longer. The weird scene where Ben leaves Juliet with Jack to drown, well I think that that was just a setup to make Jack think that they were at odds.

The Jury is still out on Michael, and Walt. Did Ben really let them go? We saw him give them the boat, but then what? Did they get away, or did Ben rig the boat to explode, or sink out to sea? I do not trust Ben, and I do not trust Juliet, very much.

I hope tonight's episode goes to resolve all these speculations. In fact, what I hope to not see is that this entire entire conflict between the survivors and the Others is some convoluted plot to get Jack to save Ben. There must be more to the conflict than just that.



  • Kate has hot dirty sex with Sawyer in the cage, Jack operates on Ben, and only one of those doers is sincere in his or her intentions. [Source: Kristin of E!] My guess is that maybe Kate does this as part of some deal she struck with Ben during the scenes following her at the beach with him in the season premiere, probably as part of getting her pregnant for some reason or another.
  • We will eventually get back to the story of Michael and Walt, but not this season. [Source: Ask Ausiello]
  • "We certainly plan to tell the audience this year how Locke got in the wheelchair."
  • "We'll be getting a lot more detailed about what happened to Locke, Eko and Desmond following the immediate aftermath of the hatch exploding, imploding or potentially doing something else."
  • "We're doing a flashback story where you'll find out how Jack got his tattoos."
  • "And we'll begin peeling back layers of who the Others are, how long they've been on the island, what their origins are. That's really the sort of uber-plot of Season 3."
  • We'll get a "very real sense" of what happened to all the abducted children in the second episode back after the break.
  • The guy we saw with the eyepatch will figure in prominently this season.
  • A couple of "bombs" will be dropped when the show returns in February, including one involving a character (within the first three episodes) and one involving the story overall shortly afterwards. [Source: Ask Ausiello]


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Blogger Dave2 said...

Oh I read your blog every day. But, since I don't watch Lost anymore (and couldn't care less about the show)... these entries I just kind of skim. Sorry. :-(

9/11/06 1:23 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Very good comments. I disagree with your feelings about Locke though--I kind of dig him more this season. I like that he is trying to be inclusive with the group.

I also agree that it is doubtful that Jack will kill Ben while operating on him. That would go against his character. But hopefully he will kill him later. I also doubt that Ben had anything to do with Juliette's cue card scene. Ben wouldn't put his life at that much risk just to "break" Jack. If Jack did decide to kill him on the operating table then no one could really stop it.

I felt totally cheated by this miniseason teaser. There were no real answers. Like you, I wanted so more stories about the island, the hatches, the company, etc. The real season better be darn good or Lost is going to have some really angry fans.

9/11/06 10:40 AM  
Blogger Eden said...

Last night was the first I've watched for a while. Then they said, "In February..." I said, "February? You've got to be shitting me!" And my three year old said, "You've got to be shitting me!" So maybe the hiatus is for the best ;)

9/11/06 11:39 AM  
Blogger Malady said...

Hi Margalit. Your summaries are always so good. I like your questions. Why do think Alex might be Ben's daughter? Was there some clue tied to that that I missed?

9/11/06 12:40 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

ARGH. That's what I've got to say. I started watching the show for the island, the intrigue, the monster, the numbers, the hatch mystery, etc. The only reason I came back this season was because they promised it would be the season of the island back story, in a sense. Instead it's been Days of Our Lives set in Hawaii. They've completely ruined the show, in my opinion, and while I've been an extremely loyal viewer for every episode thus far, I'm actually leaning towards not watching anymore in February. I don't think I'll care anymore by that point. In a couple of years I'll check some Lost blog and get the gist of the story...

9/11/06 5:19 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I'm not sure why I think Alex is Ben's daughter. I just get that feeling. I'm guessing that he took her from Danielle and he and Juliet raised her from infancy as their own. She probably doesn't know Danielle or even know of her existance, but she's figured out that Ben and Juliet are evil. I have no clue as to how it's all gonna pan out in the end. I wish I weren't so hooked on this show because it's irritating the heck out of me.

9/11/06 8:24 PM  

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