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Thursday, November 16, 2006

NaBloPoMo update

We're half way there, and so far, this hasn't been difficult at all. I've tried to keep the posts fairly short for all those people stopping by via the randomizer. It's hard to read all those long posts. I'm doing it for you, internets. It's all in your best interest. Honestly, I have tons to say, but I'm being kind, because we aim to please.

OK, enough lying.

Now for some proud mama bragging. My girl is getting an A in physics. I cannot believe how proud I am of her. An A... I'm telling you, this is miraculous. She's in the first Freshman Physics class they've ever offered, and at first she was very hesitant about it because it seemed to be very hard and the class was filled with "science geeks" (her words, not mine). But she's really loving it. And she's learning so much. The class is very hands on, and they get to build a lot of stuff. So far they've made an "ideal" shopping cart, and just finished a mousetrap car. This is so up the Girl's alley. She's very creative and likes to design stuff. This class has really boosted her academic self confidence, along with great history and math grades. English continues to be a bugaboo, but she's doing well and her grade is improving. She works so hard and her grades are so important to her.

And could this weather get any stranger? We're in mid-November and I'm wearing a T-shirt and shorts. It's bizarre. Not that I'm complaining, but geesh, what is March going to be like?
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