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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

I'm kinda cheating and posting my Thanksgiving post for NaBloPoMo in the middle of the night instead of during the day, but heck, I'm going to be really busy during the day tomorrow. You know, cooking and cleaning and cooking and baking and cooking. Oh, and did I mention eating? Because I plan to do a lot of eating. High fat, high sodium, really terrible for me eating. It's a holiday. No splenda for this girl on Thanksgiving. I've done it in the past. Yuck. I'll go back on the bland diet on Friday.

So far I've made both cranberry sauces, two pumpkin pies with two different recipes, and oddly enough, they look totally different, and lastly the sweet potato casserole. I haven't yet put the marshmallows on top, which is the Girls job, and then it needs a second baking. Later today I'll do another pie crust and we'll all make the apple pie together. Then I just have to do the stuffing, the turkey, and the roasted brussel sprouts. Easy peasy!

I love cooking, but I've got absolutely NO counter space in my horrid little kitchen. It's very hard to cook with as little space as I have, so I've been eyeing kitchen islands for a while. I think I've finally found the one I lust for and it's on sale. Not that I can afford it, but it's perfect for what I need. Not to fancy, which would look stupid in my oh, so not fancy kitchen, enough extra storage to put bowls and platters away, two drawers for potholders and kitchen towels, and best of all, it's got a flip up bar that I would only use for food storage when I'm cooking for holidays. Otherwise, I'd keep it down.

There are other similar ones with granite tops and stainless steel tops that I kind of lust after, but I've got plenty of nice cutting boards, so the wood finished top is fine with me. This small amount of extra space would give me a place to prepare foods without always having to do the dishes before I cook. I'd really like that. And it would give me a lot more storage space on my large shelf so I could put all my appliances on the shelves instead of the floor of the pantry. Nothing says pain in the ass like having to dig though the pantry floor to find a piece of my food processor. And it's even more of a pain that I have to wash everything before I use it every single time. So appliance storage would be key.

Blah blah blah. How boring IS this entry?

Hope you all have a lovely holiday, those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving. And oh, how many people besides me are already sick of Christmas commercials on TV?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you buy ANYTHING, go to


and search for the name of the store who sells what you want and get the coupon code.

THEN, make sure you buy it from someone who has free shipping (if you're buying online that is).

There are coupons you can print and take with you to the store.

Just a suggestion.

Happy Thanksgiving ... you're post made me hungry and it's only 8:47 am!

23/11/06 8:55 AM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Oooh. That first paragraph made me salivate. Really.

23/11/06 8:09 PM  

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