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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Owww, them dogs are howling

Remember the shoe hunt from hell? Well, I found shoes, and wore them today to the bat mitzvah service. My feet, they will never be the same. These are the most painful shoes I've ever in my life worn. They do not fit my feet well. In fact, they don't fit at all. They are supposed to be wide. Double wide. Perhaps double wide for rulers, but not for my puppies. Never have my feet been in such excruciating pain.

Of course, this lead to a mega problem as now we're almost off the the party and I had to come up with an entirely new outfit in order to cast the shoes aside. I don't have any more fancy shoes, so I've gone with a backup, my Munroe slides. They're really comfy . But they're brown, which was another issue. The dress I had planned to wear was black. However, I had a backup dress, one nobody has seen before because when I was heavier I looked too lumpy in it. Now, it fits fine. In fact, it's a bit too big so it hangs well.

I'm wearing all new makeup, too.

Both kids looked totally snazzy in their fancy dress. The Boy's suit fit like a glove and man, he cleans up nicely. The Girl looked gorgeous in her lavender suit. They both complained constantly about their clothing. They've been comfortable way too long, evidentally.

More later, we're off now for the dessert party.
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