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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shake Rattle and Roll

Last night at 2:45 am there was a huge explosion in Danvers, a suburban town on the coast a bit north of Boston. The explosion was in a chemical factory that makes inks and solvents. It was such a huge boom that the initial fire was 30 feet in the air. The explosion was so strong that it was felt in Maine and New Hampster. The local earthquake monitoring organization in Weston measured the blast as a 0.5 earthquake. The resulting fire destroyed a whole neighborhood and caused an evacuation of a number of streets and a home for adult deaf mutes. They were all taken to the high school which has been turned into red cross evacuation center.

Twenty people were rushed to two hospitals in the area. Amazingly, nobody was killed, nobody was seriously injured. All injuries were minor lacerations.

Because this was not a natural disaster, homeowners will have no problems collecting on their homeowners insurance policies. There are obviously going to be lawsuits galore. There is a fund being set up at the Danvers National Bank for the people displaced by this tragedy.

We didn't feel or hear the blast as we're way to far west, but watching it on TV from very early this morning when it was still dark, and then seeing the damage unfurl as the sun came up was very sobering. I'm so thankful that nobody was seriously injured. The Occasional Governor came on TV at noon today and spouted a lot of rhetoric and called this a "Thanksgiving Miracle". No comment.

For video coverage, visit here.

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