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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shoe safari ends semi-successfully

Ah, alliteration. Nothing like it in a headline!

So the search for shoes for the bat mitzvah has finally ended. I found a pair of shoes totally by accident. I was moaning to a friend about never finding shoes and how I was going to have to wear my new green Uggs I got at Marshalls for $20, when she suggested I look at a clothing store catalog online. She said that had big shoes. When I checked out the catalog I saw several pairs that I didn't hate, and ended up purchasing the black velvet low-heeled pumps.

I don't love them. I am not squeeing over them. I sort of like them. And I think they're a good shoe to own as they'll go with quite a bit of my already existing wardrobe as well as both outfits I'm wearing next weekend. They were pretty cheap, too. They'll probably kill my feet, but I'm wearing them by hook or by crook. Because it's a choice of these or the Uggs.

I do love the Uggs. They might be ugly (hence the name) but they are so soft and warm and this time of year, nothing feels better on your feet than Uggs.

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Blogger cherylann said...

Those are the greatest color Uggs EVER (aka EVA!)! I hope they have them at Marshall's here, because I have a gift card! Do they make your feet hot and sweaty?

6/11/06 12:49 PM  

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