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Friday, November 24, 2006

Tryptophan kicked my ass tonight

Oh man, I knew I was tired when I got up this morning at 7:30, leaving me with a big 4 hours of sleep. With all the cooking and straightening up and the parade and dog show on TV, it was a busy day all day. So after dinner when we sat down to watch Gray's Anatomy I didn't think I'd pass out in the chair in a fit of coma sleep. But then again, I'm never quite sure when I'm going to sleep these days of serious insomnia.

Saw the first 10 minutes of Grays and then woke up when Letterman came on. Nothing like a lovely nap to make me totally groggy and feel like I've been smoking doobies all day. Yawn.

Nice day, not one fight between the kids, food was good, we all ate way too much, and the freaking Worthless pet scratched me right across the face. I believe he was a bit put out by the kids trying to put the tablecloth on over him. So who does he blame? Me, of course. Worthless, I tell you.

Tomorrow I will attempt to get back to more intelligent posting. But if I eat more turkey, all bets are off.

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