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Saturday, November 25, 2006

We're hitting stage three

The Boy has a theory about Christmas themed commercials. Stage one is then there are a couple of commercials with Christmas themes shown, but most of the other commercials are just plain old commercials. Stage two is when around 50% of all commercials are Christmas shopping commercials. Stage three is when "every commercial, even the old people commercials" are about Christmas. It's total Christmas saturation 24/7. Only another month to go.

Speaking of commercials, I watched the network news tonight, something I don't do all that often. I'm much more of a PBS news person. But tonight I was too freaking lazy to get up and find the remote, so I got to see the most amazing display of medical commercials during the news. Every single commercial was for some medical product. Many were for prescription medicines, but there were some OTC commercials as well. Which leads me to ask the question "do they think everyone that watches the news is dying?" What is the deal here? I mean, I know the demographics say that only older people watch network news. But I'm an older person. I think I probably fit in that demographic. I have absolutely no interest in medical commercials. I don't 'ask my doctor' about medicines I see advertised on TV. In fact, I'm more prone to avoid drugs that advertise on TV, because then I know the medication is vastly overpriced in order to pay for the advertising.

I can't think of a time when a commercial for a medical product interested me enough to investigate it. Even the OTC remedies advertised don't interest me. I know Robetussin works, so I'm going to buy it with or without a commercial. Ditto for Zantac. But I'm never ever going to try some other OTC medication based on a commercial. If I haven't used it, or it hasn't been recommended by my doctor, I'm just not interested in taking it. That includes some of the vitamins being pushed for menopausal symptoms.

I can't figure out whether or not I'm just weird, or do these commercials actually influence people to buy medical products? What about you?

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Blogger Nikki-ann said...

No, I don't buy any medical products advertised on TV either, but then I'm not great at taking medication at the best of times! As you've said, I tend to stick to what the Doctor prescribes, otherwise it's not needed.

Anyway, I hope you've had a good weekend. I'm ehre from Michele's :) Take care.

26/11/06 1:46 PM  

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