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Friday, December 22, 2006

Curing powers of chicken soup

School vacation has started. You know what that means? In our house it means that at least one child is down for the count. Sick as a dog. Feverish, moaning and groaning, sore throat, coughing up enough phlem to build a new ice rink out back, and permanently ensconced on the sofa watching crap TV. Yup, the Girl is a sickie.

This means that I had to run right out and get some Cold Eze for me because I don't do sick if I can help it. Sick for me tends to turn into seriously sick, and I can't afford the time, the energy, or the toll on my body. Does it work? I think it does, but honestly, it could be the placebo effect and I'd never know.

We have the makings for a weekend spent indoors in front of the tube, where the Boy insists we watch Life of Brian as a christmas special. Just pray she is better on Monday when we do a movie and Chinese food. I'm counting on that food.

With all plans now asunder, it should be a pleasant and relaxing holiday. We hardly ever do anything anyhow this time of year, but at least now we have an excuse for vegging out in front of the TV. Heh, like we ever needed an excuse before.

I'm starting a new venture in January that I'm pretty excited about. I'll talk more about it once I have all the particulars ironed out, but hopefully it will be lucrative and will not drive me as crazy as my previous job did. You know what they say: a sane boss makes a happy employee. Oh, I made that up on the spot, but hell, it's so freaking true.

I don't know how much I'll be blogging for the next few days. I think we all could use some quality time away from the computer. So I'm going to attempt to take a few days off. I have high hopes I can do it. If I don't, yell at me, OK?

Have a great holiday, peeps. See you in a bit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay healthy and have a good break.

23/12/06 3:09 AM  

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