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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I can die a happy woman now

I have hit nirvana. It will seem to be a small thing, but I have always wanted, but would never ever buy a certain product that is pushed every Christmas by silly commercials and an even sillier jingle that becomes an earworm of death. I would not buy it because I'm embarassed to admit that I've always wanted one. It's so...um...banal. But the truth is, I'd be happy if I had a Clapper, I'd love those plastic containers with all the lids the same size, and I'd be thrilled to own a George Forman grill. These are all things that I don't own and would be embarassed to buy, too.

However, today the kids opened up a shared present given to them by a wonderful friend, and now all my prayers have been answered. We are now the proud owners of a Homer Simpson Chia Pet. YeeeHaw! I have no clue why these stupid things excite me, but they do. I have no idea of why I want one, but I do. Maybe it is because I must be brain damaged when it comes to indoor gardening. Maybe it has to do with the extreme insanity of the product itself. But I've always had a hankering to rub seeds into a clay vessel shaped like a lamb or Homer's head, and watch it grow. Evidentally I aspire to mediocrity. Oh well, it doesn't matter because we have one now.

When the Boy opened it up, he looked at me and started cackeling. I know, it's mortifying to have a mother that looks at Chia Pets in Walgreens and exclaims "oh, aren't they CUTE?". I get it. He was cracking up and saying "I can't believe we have one of these." When he pulled it out of the wrapping paper I practically grabbed it out of his hands. Oh boy. A dream come true. My own Chia Pet.

I will, of course, document the success of the luxurious green hair Homer will be sporting. I'm sure you're all dying to see the progress, right?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL -- I was sort of afraid you'd all be like, "WTF is this thing?!" :D But my gift-dar came through after all. Good luck earning your Chia Thumb... emily

27/12/06 12:34 PM  

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