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Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm not easily intimidated but....

Man, going to the Girl's surgeon today ranked right up there in the most intimidating moments in my life. Ok, the guy is perfectly nice, although I'd never use warm and cuddley to describe his personality, but his office... it toally freaked me out. Every wall was covered with "America's Best Doctor" awards. Year after year this guy was awarded the Best of the Best. That tends to make me just want to shut my trap and not ask questions. I don't like that. I need to know things. That's the way I roll. I need information. I did ask one question and I felt like he wasn't dismissive, but he wasn't really comforting either.

We don't have enough information and the information we did have, in the guise of blood testing, wasn't the right kind, so we're sort of in a holding pattern for a bit. She has to repeat the testing at the end of January, and then we'll know more about what we're dealing with. I certainly feel comfortable that she's getting excellent care. But... I'm not even sure how to deal with a doctor with this kind of reputation. The only doctor I know that is in the upper echelon of big name doctors is my uncle, and he's a relative as well as the BIG NAME pathologist.

This is just new territory for me. OK, the Girl has seen Dr. Ferber, and he's about as big a name as you can get, right? His name has been verb-ized for heaven's sake. But he's so sweet and gentle that you don't get the feeling that he's a mega-doctor. That isn't true with this doctor, however. I'll deal. It will be fine. The Girl is in great hands. But I've got to calm down and relax about all this. I've got some time, and next time we see him I know what to expect.

Oh, and he's got the most amazing collection of Beanie Baby bears I've ever seen. I think he has every one ever made. Plus a lovely grouping of family photos and two adorable little girls. I always like to see that in a doctor's office. Makes me remember that they're human, too.

For an excellent introduction to adolescent gynecology, check out this site. I learned a few things I didn't know about, and I thought I had every gynecological problem in existance covered!

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