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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The longest day

Have you ever had a day that just goes on forever. When every time you think you're living in some kind of altered state, reality comes charging in to bite you on the ass? Welcome to my world.

Some forward movement though. The Boy has decided that it is OK for his sister to attend his holiday party after all. He must have thought it over and decided that he wanted me to come more than he wanted to refuse to let her come. Good for him. I spoke to his program director today and we talked of this and he gave me some insight that I didn't have before. Hopefully we'll be able to keep the peace until after the party. It's all so emotionally exhausting and for what? To me it all seems like a male territorial pissing party. I do not get it, but then again, I did get him to back down without any screaming or threats on my part. So I'm thinking this is an improvement.

Trying to get these kids to DO anything around the house is becoming like a continual battle. I'm feeling more and more like Donald Rumsfield, watching my little soldiers do a whole lotta nothing and the world just keeps getting messier. Only the world is the house. It took me 3 full hours of nagging to get the Girl off the sofa and into the kitchen to do the dishes. I am so freaking sick of nagging, but if I don't do it, they would never don anything. Again with the exhausting.

Tomorrow we go to the MFA to see the Fashion exhibit, so I need to get to bed early. Toodles.

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