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Friday, December 01, 2006

The sickies find new entertainment

To keep the kids busy this afternoon, I let them update the family wish list. It hasn't been updated once since last holiday season and it was getting woefully thin with only 8 items, most of which were things I wanted or needed for the house. Much of the items were completely irrelevant because I've either recieved them as gifts last year, or replaced them with other things. So the kids had a blast going through froogle and finding things they just can't live without. They also put on some stuff that I would like, which was nice of them. Check it out.

Things have changed a lot since last year. That was the year of the rock and roll t-shirt and the designer labels. We've matured! We've moved on. The only label item is a purse I've been drooling over for years and believe me, nobody but nobody is ever gonna buy it for me. But I keep hoping. It's unrequited love. Sigh. The girl wants more practical things. The boy wants more substantial things. They both have a couple of items that are totally wishes, like a guitar and a sewing machine. But I'm pleased to see the maturation. Of course the boy still believes that an XBox 360 is going to be in his life. Heh. Not on my watch, it's not.

What really was nice was to see the stuff for coffee for me. And the cakes and cookies. Not just for them, but for the whole family. Sometimes I'm so pleased with their choices. Sometimes. Not always. But more and more. They have grown from demanding toddlers to wise-ass teenagers. But they're so human now. I know what kind of adults they're going to turn out to be. It's not all surprises anymore. I'm comfortable about the kind of persons they've turned into.

You know what? The boy is cleaning his room. I didn't have to say a word. He's gone thru his closet and found 5 garbage bags of clothes and stuff he no longer needs or fits into. Now he's doing his laundry. It's a miracle, I'm telling you. A Christmas miracle!

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Blogger Belinda said...

I made a Froogle Christmas list last year. Most of it was low-cost stuff, lots and lots of books, some toys for Bella, and several variety of Born shoes for me. The most expensive item was a Coach purse (forget Prada and Kate Spade--Coach makes the styles I like, with good leather and substantial brass hardware), and I modified that with STRICT instructions that anyone who bought this was to do it on eBay, and I provided links to a couple of sellers who frequently had the purse I liked in stock, for half the retail price. Well, my mother-in-law wound up buying me that purse, AT RETAIL. I nearly died. So I haven't done a list this year, though I know I should for Bella, at least.

7/12/06 7:03 PM  

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