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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To the moon, Alice...to the moon

The Girl's psychics class is doing a segment on rocketry. I've always had a keen facination with those back yard rocket guys, the ones you see in parks setting off little rockets that they built from kits. I had always hoped one of my kids might take such an interest as well, and the Girl has in a big way. She's loving this physics class so much more than I had ever thought she would.

Yesterday she came home all distraught because they had been designing rockets on the computer and she had mistakenly put in a wrong program and could not get her rocket off the ground. She was so frustrated and only learned minutes before class was over that she had plugged in the wrong data. So she was psyched to get to class today and try again.

After we got home from a tiring day of Holiday parties and doctor appointments, she had to work on her paper about Louis XIV, but she kept begging me, that evil child, to work on the rocketry project after she was done. When she was ready to work on the rocket, I was busy reading blogs, but got off bloglines to work with her. She showed me how to build a rocket, and then we tried setting them off. Oh my goodness, the frustration and the absolute hilarity of this program. You must try it with your kids. It is so horribly addicting and fun, but oh so frustrating.

My first try I got the rocket to go over 600 feet. On the moon. On the earth, I couldn't get the rocket to go over 34 feet. Much of the time the rocket just fell over on the launch pad. Kaboom.

You gotta play with this baby. It's a blast (heh, pun!)

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