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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We signed Daisuke Matsuzaka!

Dice-K is coming to the Hub. Beantown signs the highest paid player EVAH! The Sox are willing to shell out 111 MILLION dollars, which is the same amount that the Salvation Army raised last year in charitable donations. Tonight Fenway looked like Yokohama with hundreds of Japanese fans gathered around the ball park in support of their favorite ball player. How cool is that?

He's going to be wearing number 18, which is Johnny Damon's old number. Take that, you Yankee asswipes.

The Sox already sent him over to MGH for his official checkup, so it's a done deal unless something really terrible comes up on the exam report. But that's doubtful.

I'm giddy with excitement. Even though we had to deal with Scott Boras, the most disgusting human being since GWB, I believe it's going to be worth it. We've finally got a pitching staff with some clout.

I'm sad to say goodbye to Gabe Kaplar, but man, this could be the season of greatness.


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Blogger itazurakko said...


As someone from Japan but happened to load this blog first before the regular newspaper today, I am very happy about that :D

13/12/06 11:49 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

ii Mill!??? LORD! THat's a lot of money, isn't it? Well, good for him! I hope it makes the difference for your team!

14/12/06 2:21 AM  

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