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Friday, December 29, 2006

What does vacation day mean?

To some people, vacation days mean skiing or going to the beach or shopping the malls. To other people it means entertaining family, hanging out with friends, and drinking the alcoholic beverage of your choice. Some folks like to go to the movies, other people like to sit down with a good book.

Our family likes to stay in pajamas all day long, play cards, search for the hottest guitars on the net, and snuggle a lot.

We've had one of THOSE days, when snuggling has been the game to play, daytime TV was watched in between snoozing and chatting, and absolutely nothing got done by anyone all day long. We all caught up with sleep, and we had plenty of 'hanging out' time to relax and reset. What a pleasure it was to just lay with my Girl and watch her think about things as we chatted. We often don't get enough time to just be, what with her very busy social schedule and my silly work hours.

Tomorrow will be errands and we'll be right back into the rat race, but wow, today was so pleasant.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I see you are on blog mad too! :) Nice to see you again. You're on my link list so I seem to see you a few times a week anyway :D

Hope the girl is well and your holiday break is pleasantly relaxing! :)

29/12/06 12:59 PM  

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