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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What's for dinner?

Belinda is hosting yet another "I Dare You" moment, where you're supposed to do two things, show the contents of your pantry, and then make dinner from items you have on hand. My cupboards are stocked to the gills because I was just at the grocery store on Sunday, plus there was this killer sale at Linens and Things, where they were closing out their entire food section, so I picked up a bunch of great staples at 50% off. I do love me a great deal!

So the first pics are what my pantry and shelves hold. We don't usually have the same types of staples that most people do, because we are a bit more careful about sodium, plus most of my grocery shopping is at Trader Joes, cheap and organic. Worse, my pantry is too hard to deal with so I use metal shelving as well, but then the cereal boxes are all atop the fridge, and other staples are scattered around the kitchen. We're nothing if not flexible.

Pretend you do not see the CandyCane Joe Joe's on the top shelf.

Should I be embarassed by this messy pantry?

My messy pantry

The shelf of extra food

Then I got down to making dinner. I took stuff from my freezer, not my pantry shelves. The original recipe I made up in my head as I went along called for 3 packages of Artichoke Ravioli, a package of turkey bacon, a big bag of frozen spinach, a chopped and caramelized onion, EVOO, and a pinch of ginger-garlic sauce.

First I sauted the onion in EVOO and then added the bacon that I had cut up into small pieces.

I sauted those until the onion was starting to carmelize, then added the spinach to the mix. The moisture of the spinach took off the bottom crumblings from the pan and added a lot of flavor.

Meanwhile I was boiling water for the ravioli, which I added as I was stirring the spinach mixture. As the ravioli was boiling, I added a tiny bit of the ginger-garlic sauce for extra flavor.

Once the ravioli were done, I poured them into the colander to drain, and then put them on a platter. I poured the topping over the ravioli and carried the platter to the table.

The Girl had set the table, and we were treated to two bottles of soda, something we NEVER have, because she needed the bottles to make bottle rockets in physics class tomorrow. I don't even like soda, but she and her brother thought they had died and gone to heaven having soda at dinner. We drink water pretty much every night. This was a major treat.

The kids were sitting down, and we dug in.

Nothing was left over. Absolutely nothing.

We're very good eaters.

(all photos by the Boy)

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Blogger Belinda said...

If I sat down to a meal like that, it would look like a plague of locusts had visited afterward.

And is that a homemade gingerbread house? Awesome!!

7/12/06 6:48 PM  

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