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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ding dong, the Mitt is GONE!

Are you breathing a little easier here in Massachusetts this evening? I know I am. Because the Prince of Darkness, our now-former Governor, is gone. Gone, I tell you. And the air feels cleaner, the night sky fresher, the world a little lighter without him. Of course, he's not gone forever gone, because he just used Massachusetts as a stepping stone to his real career choice: President of the United States (God forbid). Mitt announced his intention today to run for the highest office in the land by creating an exploratory committee bound to raise their goal of $10 million dollars in the next 30 days. Lord knows who would give that guy the time of day, never mind hard earned cash, but I don't care. He doesn't have a prayer of winning the Republican nomination, no matter how "handsome" he is, no matter how bright his smile, no matter how pure his Mormon heart. Because he decimated this state and we have no fond farewells for him. We know what a terrible leader he is. We know that you can't run a state like a business without severely injuring people's lives, just what he did here in MA.

Tomorrow Deval Patrick will take the reigns of power as our first African-American Governor. Patrick shows bright promise as a man that understands communities, poverty, excellence in education, and will not sacrifice the poor to further his own career. Patrick supports gay marriage in MA, and will work hard with the new legislature to save the equal rights of gay families. Patrick will restore the social service budgets destroyed by Romney. He will figure out a way to help the poor pay for the now required health care (Yeah Romney, pass a frigging law with no way to pay for it... you asshole), health care that is adequate at best. Health care that Romney will take credit for when running his presidential campaign, conveniently forgetting that the poor cannot pay the ridiculously high price for this health care. Screw the poor, eh Mitt?

Tomorrow is also the change of power in Washington. It is the day of reckoning for Bush, a day when he is going to show his true colors as to whether or now he understands that the country wants change and not the same old rhetoric he's been spouting nonstop for the past 6 years. Stay the Course my ass. Change is what it's all about, Georgie, and you better get with the program. His op-ed piece in the Wall St. Journal today didn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling that he 'gets it'.

Tomorrow is the day that Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to ever achieve such an exalted position, takes over as Speaker of the House. The democrats take over the majority of both the Senate and the House. Now is the time for your voices to be heard, fellow American citizens. Now is the time to tell your federal representatives what your burning issues are.

For me, the number one issue is the poverty level. I want it upped to a decent rate because the way it is figured now is so out of whack with reality that it does more harm than good. I also want the NCLB dropped. It isn't working, not to my surprise. The changes suggested by the Republicans are to take the Special Ed kids out of the testing mix, so the test scores no longer reflect their failure to pass these inane standardized test. That's gonna work really well. Let's just leave those SpEd kids behind. Who cares about them anyhow?

I want the government to finally recognize that global warming is here, it's real, and it's destroying the planet. OK, I'm gonna admit that I'm loving this year's 'winter'. It's 60 freaking degrees here in January! It's warmer here than it is in San Francisco. The Girl keeps saying that "winter is broken" and indeed it is. But so is the polar ice cap, and that's bad news. We're losing penguins and polar bears, summers are going to be drought ridden, and still this country drives SUVs and uses fossil fuel to heat their homes to ridiculously warm levels. We need to take responsibility for global warming, and we need the government to take action beyond wearing blinders.

I believe change can happen. I believe that the southern stronghold on the Republican party can and should end. Look at Gerald Ford. A republican from the midwest that was prochoice and that worked across the aisle with democrats to improve the country. I'm no Gerald Ford fan, I hate the pardon and I don't believe to this day that it 'saved the country' but the man was respected by both parties, like Tip O'Neill. When the midwestern Republicans lost power and the Southern Repulicans became more powerful, it had a devistating effect on our country. We became terribly devisive mostly due to the Christian coalition of hate and fear. I can't wait for those people (that's you, Pat Robertson) to disappear from the headlines as more steadfast leaders emerge. Leaders like Deval Patrick and Barak Obama. That's what this country needs.


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Blogger The Scribe said...

Great post. "Winter is broken" but we know it's global warming and all its erratic effects. I am so excited to see Pelosi and Patrick come to power.
The Boomer Chronicles
Boston, Mass.

4/1/07 9:40 AM  

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