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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hosting a great Superbowl Party

I hate football. Absolutely HATE it. I'm a baseball girl, through and through. But the Boy, he does love the futbol. He watches it and yells at the TV and talks incessently throughout the entire freaking football season, even if his beloved Patriots haven't made it past the playoffs to the Stuporbowl. Yeah, he's disappointed with the way things turned out this year, but it in no way dampens his enthusiasm for the Stuporbowl, which is coming up on Feb 4th.

He has also asked a few of his friends over to watch the game. Friends that probably eat as much as he does. Friends that do not yet imbibe alcohol. This means that I must host a Stuporbow party complete with many snackfoods for a bunch of loud teenage boys. Man, doesn't that sound like FUN?

Actually, I like the game for the commercials. The best Superbowl game I ever watched was during the dot.com boom when the commercials were just outstanding. Remember Herding Cats? Who can forget that commercial? Of course I have no clue as to what the product was they were hawking, but the commercial...hilarious! Since the dot.com bust the commercials have gone way downhill as far as I'm concerned. And lawdy, if I have to see one more commercial with Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears, I will upchuck all the delicious snacks I'm planning to prepare. But I digress.

On Monday, I plan to be tuned into this live chat, for I need serious help with planning a party for a bunch of teens. Gourmet Magazine’s Executive Chef, Sara Moulton, is working with Best Buy to host a Q&A chat on throwing a winning party for the “Big Game” on February 4th. The live chat will take place:

Monday, January 29, from 2-3:00 pm EST at AskABlueShirt.com

Sara will be joined by a Best Buy Blue Shirt expert who can answer consumers’ questions about upgrading their home theater just in time for Super Sunday. Which will NOT be happening at this house. We just got a new TV. We like it. It is HDTV. It works. It is fine for a football game. Evidentally, to throw a great party for the Big Game, it helps to have not only a million dollar great home theater, but also a great menu. The menu I can get on board with. The TV, not so much. I like decorations too. Maybe I will get these things and ask the boys to wear them...not.

I have nothing to do with Best Buy or AskABlueShirt, but I love Sara Moulton. She's that tiny perky woman on the Food Network that cooks normal food that teenagers like, for she has teens herself. I figure she's gonna recommend something I can take away besides chili and buffalo chicken tortilla chips (don't ask...the Boy loves these).

Otherwise, I'm gonna be serving crudites, which I would hope the boys will eat, but my son will be forever angry about. "Mom... vegetables at a superbowl party? That's LAME."

Oh well, at least I'm not offering pate, stinky cheese and wine. I'm a non-drinking mom at all our playdates and I'm proud of it, despite the controversy that dominated the mommyblogs this weekend.

In much better news, Red Sox tickets went on sale this weekend. Truck day is coming up, and I'm already psyched. Except for J. Drew, who I just KNOW is going to be injured the entire freaking season, the hypocondriac. Him I'm not that happy with... yet.

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Blogger PI said...

I believe our David Beckham is coming over to help with your football and margalit T think you may become a little more interested in footbal then:)
Michelle sent me.

28/1/07 6:04 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Oh, thanks for posting this! I love Sara Moulton. I will have to participate, too, since I have been volunteered by the husband to host this year. Joy.

28/1/07 6:16 PM  
Blogger margalit said...


I like soccer just fine. We're talking about American football, with the stupid behemoth players wearing tons of spandex and pads. Boring, boring, boring. Now Beckham I can understand. Soccer players are SO much hotter than American football players.

28/1/07 6:56 PM  
Blogger utenzi said...

I don't think about or watch football either, Margalit, and had forgotten that the Superbowl was that close to hand. I'll watch that one game, I guess. The commercials are usually worth the price of admission.

As for the whale poop--I'd never even considered the idea. I gather it's quite bad, huh?

Now I have to think about what to fix for snacking on during the game...

28/1/07 7:02 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Margalit, Michele sent me to tell you that I equally despise both of those sports, but give me a basketball game (preferably college) and I am there!

I have nothing to add for your party, but I would think that teenage boys would love to have chili and tacos and tortilla chips.

28/1/07 7:18 PM  
Blogger scribbler said...

The only time I ever was invited to a super bowl party I made brownies my favorite way--with lots of cayenne pepper. Well, Alice B. Toklas had an idea, too. Any way, I do recommend the liberal use of capsaicin, since it gets you off the hook for future super bowl assemblies.

30/1/07 5:38 PM  

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