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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Local Family Kicked of Air Trans Flight

We've all been on the plane flight from hell. Let's face it, air travel isn't fun in the best of times, and after 9/11 it has taken on a new depth of distaste. Between the checkin lines, the food or lack thereof, the teeny seats, and being squished into an aluminum tube filled with rancid air and too many people, nothing about flying is fun except getting to your destination alive, unharmed, and with all your luggage.

But for one local family visiting Ft. Myers Florida, airplane travel reached a new version of hell when they were kicked off an Air Trans airplane bound for Boston. Their crime? A crying toddler. Yep, Julie and Gerry Kulesza were removed from the plane because their 3-year old daughter Elly pitched a fit and cried before takeoff. The plane, which had already been delayed 15 minutes, was waiting to take off when the Kulesza's boarded with Elly. Elly, who had had a great day so far, according to her mother, didn't want to sit in her own seat. The flight attendants insisted that she sit in her seat and buckle her seatbelt NOW, and didn't give the family any time to calm her down. When Elly continued to cry, they were removed from the plane. Not surprisingly, the family has vowed never to fly Air Trans again.

This is a controversial topic. Business flyers probably applaud the removal of the family. Many people say that children don't belong on airplanes. When babies on planes cry, a collective groan is heard from the surrounding passengers. When boarding a plane, people that are seated near a young child or baby ask to have their seats changed. The deal is, children cry. They cry in homes, cars, schools, and on airplanes. Get over it. Everyone was a child once, and people tolerated your crappy behavior. Now it is time to return the favor.

However, with that said, it is the obligation of the parents when flying with a child to keep the child under control. Yes, it is difficult. Try flying with toddler twins and get back to me on how tough it is to control your one child. I know that children tend to be antsy during flights. So plan ahead. Bring enough stuff to entertain them. Have they carry their own backpack and snacks. Keep them occupied and interested in games, toys, and snacks. Don't read a book or a magazine, engage your child and make sure that s/he is not bothering the people behind you or kicking the seat in front of you. If your child is not behaving, take a walk down the aisle to the bathrooms, go inside, and read the riot act. But don't bother other passengers. We know you love your darling little child, but don't expect that everyone else does.

Finally, Trans Air, you suck. You didn't even give the parents a chance to calm down their daughter. Just because your plane is a tad bit late doesn't mean that you have the right to toss this family off their flight. That is way too extreme. Yes, I understand that the child was not sitting in her seat, something the parents were working on. If, instead of tossing them off the plane, you offered the child a small token, like a wings pin, if she sat in her seat, maybe that might have worked wonders. Did you even try? No, you did not.

Man this pisses me off.


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Blogger brookline617 said...

I read they had already waited 15 minutes for the kid to calm down (and stop hitting and hiding under the seat). If it were me? I'd VOLUNTEER myself and child terrorist off the plane!!! Plus, AirTran paid them to get off! I love it. I think its awesome, actually. We've ALL been there for sure. I'd be so thankful for the invitation off and check in hand. I do myself a favor and ignore those out there who make faces when they see me coming down the aisle w/kids. Yes, I pay attention to my kids, entertain and definitely try not to let them kick seats, etc. (very annoying, I know). This all goes down a lot smoother after this mom has had a nice drink or 2.

23/1/07 10:24 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Wow really? That's horrible! After our hellacious (sp?) flight back home from Vegas last September, I'm hesitant on flying w/Cricket ever again! But damn if someone will kick me off for it.

That's why it was so ironic when that family got kicked off for nursing on the plane, that was the only way to get peace w/Cricket so it's either nurse or listen to a screaming baby. Well I guess these companies are saying neither, they just alienated a good portion of their customers.

23/1/07 10:34 PM  

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