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Monday, January 15, 2007

Not quite a shadow of my former self...yet

I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm on a quest to be a better eater, and hopefully that will also help with my health issues. So far I'm doing quite well, but I'm not following any particular diet. What I have done is to cut out all the junk food in our house. No more chips, cookies, or sweets of any kind. Anything we eat that is sweet we bake ourselves, and so far that has been only oatmeal raisin cookies...batches and batches of them. We've also changed the types of grains we eat, from white to brown rice, and I've been baking bread myself, bread with absolutely no fat in it.
I'm no expert on dieting, because I learned a long time ago that diets always fail. The only way I have ever lost weight is to eat smaller portions, only eat food inside my home, make everything myself so I know what is in the food we eat, and to restrict any junk food. I've done this before and lost 35 lbs the last time I did it. I'm well above 35 lbs now, and I'm feeling like I can see results when I look in the mirror.

The best side effect of this is that both of my kids have lost a bit of weight, too. Neither is fat, in fact they are both pretty normal for their height and age. But last year the Girl put on a few pounds that she was unhappy about, and without any dieting or food restrictions at all, she's down 15 lbs and looking absolutely gorgeous. Her clothing fits better, and she's happy with how she looks now.

The Boy, who is naturally thin and has a very high metabolism, has been eating the equivalent of 3 people's daily intake lately. Yes, it's normal for a teenage boy to scarf down the food, and from what I understand, he isn't eating that much more than other boys his age, but my God... it is scary to watch him inhale food. Because he eats so much, he was starting to develop a bit of a paunch and was constantly calling himself fat. Believe me, fat he is not. But he did have a bit of a tummy. A tummy that is now almost gone. He's only down 5 lbs, but on him it makes a big difference. I think it he took off another couple of pounds, he'd be right down to his regular skinny weight.

It has been a big adjustment for the kids not to have lots and lots of snackfood in the house. Both of them are good fruit and veggie eaters, and that's been helpful. Snacks before were things like granola bars and tortilla chips. Snacks now are quesadillas with tomatos and mushrooms tossed it, or a yoghurt smoothie. We've all been eating apples like they are going out of style. We polished off a box of HoneyBells in about a week. Celery and carrots are my snack of choice for the crunch. They prefer cereal without sugar. Or oatmeal.

I'm feeling great that we're all eating a healthier diet and it's beginning to show on all of us. We're pretty proud of ourselves right now. But the best thing is when I serve a dinner than anyone would consider diet fare, and both kids gush about how great dinner is. Tonight, for example, we had boneless chicken breasts with BBQ sauce, steamed cauliflower, and brown rice pilaf. Believe me, nothing was fabulous or gourmet, but they were psyched and scarfed it down. Isn't that just amazing?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yum! I love your way of being healthy. I too have been making the no-knead bread (our entire extended family is into it). I use whole wheat flour and it is delicious! I also tend to want to eat it all up immediately (one downside) However if one dips the bread in olive oil and basalmic vinegar, it is delicious and not as unhealthy as butter!

16/1/07 12:17 PM  

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