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Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Morning at Children's Hospital

Today was the day the Girl went for her tests at Children's. The day started out auspiciously when we forgot to wake up the Boy and he missed his bus. Ooops. It was kinda funny because last night the Girl and I planned when we would take showers and set alarms accordingly, both completely forgetting about the Boy. Go us! After phone calls to his housemaster and program director, I took my shower and got out in plenty of time to take a phone call from school telling me I should have him walk there. Uh, no... not in -15 degree wind chill weather.

We all hurried and dropped him off at school just in time for his latin midterm. Isn't he a lucky boy? The Girl and I took off down the road towards the hospital, but it was so cold the car kept stalling out. It just did not want to be driving at all. Plus, there is no heat in our car. Or air conditioning for that matter, but that's really not a big issue on a frozen day like today. We shivered our way to the hospital, used the valet parking to get rid of the poor car, and went inside. Ah warmth. As usual, the hospital was overheated.

We found the radiology center and the Girl still wasn't feeling 'the urge' so they made her drink two more glasses of water. While we waited I read her two books from her early childhood, Runaway Bunny and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. She was so cute, laying her teeny head on my shoulder and listening intently to the stories and then exclaiming "I remember that story" when I was done. She started to read me Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, also a childhood favorite when they called her in.

The ultrasounds too forever. First they did the usual pelvic one, and after all the poking and prodding with the transducer, everything looked boringly normal. Then they let her go pee, and she came back from the bathroom shaking and complaining that her back ached. Just in time for a second ultrasound of her kidneys, which also were normal normal normal.

Back downstairs we headed for the bloodletting department where a terrible phlebotomist stuck her arm with the giant needed of pain to take out many vials of blood. He wasn't very good, couldn't find her vein, stuck her twice, and finally got some of the red stuff.

We hit the valet parking services line, where we waited for a while to pay, and then waited for the car. Fortunately, the car was in the depths of the garage so it was nice and warm, and took us home with no stalling at all.

We arrived home, argued as to who got the couch to nap on (I won) and turned on the TV. Which has no sound. We do not know why. It worked last night. It is not working now. It is still under warranty. I'm slightly pissed off. As in ARRRRHHHHGGGGGGGHHHHHH.

So, no known results, no more clues as to what is up with the Girl, and another week of waiting for our appointment to see the Intimidating Surgeon.

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Blogger Becky68 said...

That must be so scary for you it's ok when I get sick but if one of my kids is sick beyond the normal colds & stomach flus which seem to be rampant around here. watch out! I get so upset. My thoughts are with you & your daughter as you go through this.

26/1/07 2:03 PM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

Hospitals are so intimidating. I hope they get it figured out.

I just got my Blogger2 upgrade as well. I'm too chicken to mess with my template yet.

Michele sent me.

26/1/07 7:38 PM  
Blogger Sarch said...

I'm sorry to hear about your young'uns troubles. I'm glad she's got you to help her through it.

I'll be praying for you both.

26/1/07 10:24 PM  
Blogger Teena said...

I hope all turns out okay.

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

26/1/07 11:33 PM  
Blogger colleenR said...

I hope it all works out! That was sweet that you read her those stories from when she was a kid. Michele sent me. I'm not on blogger http://looseleafnotes.com

26/1/07 11:35 PM  

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